Sunday, 7 December 2014

This week....

...lots of candles have been lit around the house as almost every day has been dark and cold....

...we have been enjoying eating the lemon curd which G made.  It is so delicious spread on crusty bread or swirled into Greek yoghurt. Yum...

...there have been pretty pink roses brightening up the living room window sill...

...Miss M and I went to a really lovely Christmas fayre one evening. It was so nice and made us both feel all festive and excited! I bought a tiny little glass angel...she is so pretty and delicate...

... I bought some new yarn! To make yet another blanket!  I love these colours together and I'm so looking forward to starting this one...

It has also been a week for Christmas shopping, school concerts and work!  I managed to finish the blanket I was working on and I'm so happy with how it has turned out, hopefully I will get a chance to photograph it this week to show you. 

It's been a busy week but an enjoyable one! Hope yours has been a good one too...



  1. Ooo I look forward to seeing your new blanket. Love your fairy dust candle my husband bought me the cut grass one for my birthday it smells wonderful. Have a lovely week x

  2. Lovely new yarn colours, such a pretty little angel and roses too, have a wonderful week looking forward to seeing the blanket.
    Clare xx

  3. What a cute angel... Love the new balls of yarn, those colours look very promising ;-)!
    Love from Mirjam.

  4. I love your new yarn colours - of course!! I hope that you have a great week after a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Hi Marianne. Beautiful yarn colours there. I am at a bit of a craft standstill, can't think what I need next! Jo x

  6. The colours go very well together indeed! Did you decide on a pattern yet?

    I never had lemon curd (not a German thing) but it looks very yummy. Do you have a good recipe I could try?

    Take care

  7. Sounds like an idyllic week. The yarn looks delightful and I have fallen in love with the beautiful angel. There is not a lot of crafting going on here apart from childrens crafts with my grandson.

  8. lovely new the colors.the angel is cute!!
    have a nice week,

  9. I loved seeing your pretty decorations and gorgeous new yarn! The lemon curd looks really yummy, and home made is the best kind! Wishing you a wonderful cosy week,Marianne.
    Helen xox

  10. Yes, I agree, the little glass angel is so pretty! And so are the pink roses. I also like the colours of those new yarn- they'll make a gorgeous blanket. Will have to try lemon curd on crusty bread. It looks so yummy! x

  11. You have been very busy. Love the new yarn it is going to make a beautiful blanket.

  12. It's all looking so pretty and warm at your house. I really like the idea of a Fairy Dust candle!

  13. Love the little houses and the glass angel. G's lemon curd looks delicious too! x

  14. I always love the colour palette in your photographs Marianne, really lovely. x

  15. Love your new blanket yarn. I was looking at sonme of my almost full balls of left over yarn and think I'll do another blanket!

  16. That lemon curd looks delicious and the yarn colours are gorgeous x


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