Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long!

Welcome to the Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long with Chrissie Crafts and me! You can read all about the inspiration behind this here and here...


Chrissie and I have both decided to work on the beautiful Hexagon Flower Throw on pages 53-55 of Cute & Easy Crochet With Flowers...



As you can see, I have only made one hexagon so far...only 113 more to go!

However, if you want to join in, please feel free to work on ANY crochet project you wish. It is a good opportunity to finish off some WIPS, but if you fancy doing a new and quick little project, do pop over to Chrissie's blog where she shares a gorgeous little pattern from the book.

We are planning to post each Thursday with our progress. It would be lovely if some of you would join us and also share what you have been crocheting, however often you want.



I am making this throw for Miss M's room as she has informed she would like some more blankets because she is now collecting them?! I am using all yarn from my stash to begin with...



So I have my tea and cinnamon bun ready - always lovely companions to a morning of crochet - and am planning to work up a few more of these little hexagons.


These lovely ladies are also joining in with some gorgeous crochet...

Cosmos and Cotton

Primroses and Petticoats

The Summerhouse by the Sea

Sweetpea Family

Crafty Fat Cat

Chalky's World

Snap That


Happy crocheting....





  1. You've made a lovely start already Marianne and I'll be watching your progress with much interest! All the best to you and Chrissie as you work on this gorgeous project!
    Warm hugs,
    Joy xo

  2. I can't wait to see how this one shapes up! :) x

  3. Hi Marianne this is just lovely - I want to make the bag if I can - can only do granny squares at the moment but love crochet bags - so am going to get some yarn and away I go - it will be lovely to join in - your blanket will be stunning. Thanks for a great post as always
    Lots of love

  4. What a happy picture, crochet, a cuppa and "sninnamon snurl" as we call them here! Looking forward to watching your progress. Happy crochet.

  5. Looking lovely my dear, I'm going to post my hexie in a wee bit, I need another cuppa and a treat first after seeing your pic - I'm peckish! ;-) Cx

  6. Ooh, 3 of my favourite things - cinnamon buns, tea & crochet, how could I possibly resist?! Just going to finish up the socks that are currently on my knitting needles, them I'm going to join in with you too. I received the book as a birthday pressies a couple of weeks ago and am dying to get started on one of the lovely projects.
    Your hexie blankie is going to be just fab!

  7. So pretty, Marianne. I love how it's looking so far and you've made yourself an enviable crochet situation with your tea and bun. :)

  8. For me that bottom photograph is the epitome of happiness! x

  9. oh your hexagon looks beautiful. I really can't start one of these but I am soooo tempted...

  10. You've made a wondeful start I'm really looking forward to seeing how these blankets develop.
    Clare x

  11. Brilliant start! looking so pretty. Cant wait to see it develop and I'm sure it will be wonderful xx

  12. Love your hexie Marianne and also love the colours you chose, very autumnal! What an exciting project to work on. Enjoy your weekend lovely xoxo

  13. I love the colours you've chosen. After being directed here by Joy at Joylinks Creations, I too am making the hexagon throw. I started it and so far I have 17 hexies. Oh I have a lot to make.

  14. Numero uno is looking pretty good from here. I will be shouting from the side lines and maybe occasionally posting the odd crochet thing or two. Good Luck - Jo x

  15. I'm quite envious! A morning of crochet, a cuppa and a cinnamon swirl - what more could a girl ask for? What a great way to start the day.


  16. It sounds like lots of fun, a perfect morning.

  17. So pretty, what a lovely throw it'll be, looking forward to seeing next weeks :) xx

  18. Pretty hexie! So neat, and the colours are gorgeous! The bed cover looks lovely, have also just seen it on Chrissies blog and have just ordered the book!

    Gill xx

  19. Oh that is so pretty!! I have not tried this pattern yet, but it is somewhere on my list...honest!! Mmmmm Cinnamon bun looks yummy!

  20. I love the look of the crochet and just very jealous as I just can't get my head around it- but love the look of it:)

  21. lovely to be Caling...and looking forward to seeing the blanket grow. What nice warm colours.

  22. If have just been doing something completely different with my hexagons and would love to join in please

  23. What a gorgeous blanket and I love your colour choices as always. I'm still trying to find a copy of the book in the shops so i can have a good look at it before I buy. I have to finish my quilt challenge though before I can start anything new - it has to be handed in next month! x

  24. Hi Marianne your hexagon flower is beautiful. I am joining in with your crochet along but haven't been able to link my post back to you and Chrissie. I am away at the moment and my iPad is being a bit temperamental x


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