Sunday, 29 September 2013

Feeling Floral

It has been a floral sort of week - for my clothes and my crafts...

The weather has been so lovely - mild and sunny - and I have enjoyed wearing my flowery pumps and scarf...

I am quite in love with my new floral top...

I am still addicted to making these crochet flowers. I have whipped up quite a few of them with brooch pins attached...they are popular among my friends and family!

I actually did a little crafty swap with a friend from work. I made a couple of the flowery brooches above for her in her favourite colours, and she made me this gorgeous little floral teacup candle. It is so pretty, I really love it...

I also made a floral garland for the living room this week. I chose colours to match the curtains and I plan to hang it around the mirror. Well, I will get G to do this when he gets home later as even with ladders, I am still too short to reach properly. Bet he can't wait to do this little job!
Of course, there have been actual flowers too...
A bright and cheerful bunch on the kitchen table...
Chrysanthemums at the living room window...
Buttercups collected by my sweet Miss M during a lovely walk yesterday...
Hope you are all having a good weekend? It is another gorgeous sunny day here, so Miss M and I are planning another long walk as she wants to make an autumn collage today! So I am looking forward to spending some time together doing this.
Also thank you for the interest shown, as well as the lovely comments, on our crochet-a-long. I am so looking forward to starting it...



  1. I love your rosettes. I've made a few but none as high as yours. I would never think to make a brooch but that sounds like a lovely gift idea. I love all the natural flowers too. I'm here from Joyjinks Creations and am your new follower ;-)

  2. Oh-so-much-prettiness! I just LOVE all your florals - in fact I know have complete floral envy ;-)
    Enjoy the sunshine - it's lovely here too, we're off for a walk in the woods with the hounds.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Ah Marianne - so many bright happy colourful flowers everywhere - getting on track for the crochetalong, how sweet! I've really enjoyed your post thank you!
    Warm hugs,
    Joy xo

  4. What a happy flowery post, so many pretty things, thanks for sharing
    Clare x

  5. So lovely! your flower brooches are so pretty. I'm loving the floral theme x

  6. Beautiful, cheerful post today. Love the tea cup candle, your friend is going to love those flowers.

  7. Flowers of all kinds and all so lovely. Love your top, it is do feminine and pretty. AND I love the garland, the colors are so refreshing and light.
    Enjoy your walk, xoRObin

  8. Hasn't the September weather been glorious! I don't know what to do with myself. Jo x

  9. It's beautifully sunny isn't it! After a week or two where it went cold it feels like summer again (well maybe only as warm as Spring) but I am loving it :D

    Love your flower broaches, I think I made a similar flower but not quite the same, and not a broach either so I might have to investigate to jazz up some of my coats :-)

  10. P.S I think all shoes should come with pretty floral insides :D

  11. A beautiful post with lots of pretty things. I particularly like your flowery top, it's so pretty and what a gorgeous cup candle. The flower brooches look amazing.

  12. What a beautifully pretty flowery post, thank you! From the blouse to the candle, and everything else, it has me smiling! Chrissie x

  13. Lovely post. All of it is so pretty but I especially love your blouse! It looks so nice on you.

  14. This was a gorgeous post with all sorts of flowery loveliness. I too, love the blouse.

  15. Gorgeous flowers and I love the garland. I made a teacup candle over the summer as a trial because I want to make my Mum one as a Christmas present - they're such a lovely idea - it's also one of the many things I need to get around to blogging about. x

  16. The crochet flowers are just adorable, as is the garland. You always make such lovely things!

  17. Well now I've got the book so I'm going to have a good old nosey - love your floral bunting x Jane

  18. Those floral brooches are too gorgeous, thank you for sharing all this fabulous colour xox Penny

  19. Such a lovely post Marianne and I absolutely love love love that top! Where is it from?? I love all the pretty flowers that you have made, they make such lovely gifts and what a lovely gift to receive in return. I made teacup candles for all my friends a few years ago as christmas pressies, they are so lovely and so easy to make. Your flower bunting is so pretty and I am sure it will look lovely hanging in your lounge. I hope you had a lovely walk today, it certainly has been a glorious day here. Wishing you a very lovely week and thanks for your sweet comments. xoxo

  20. Hi Marianne I must apologise as I realise that this lovely name belongs to you - I have been calling you Ladybird. I adore your top Marianne it does suit you so well - florals always cheer me up and make me feel happy. I have been feeling pretty miserable this weekend so your lovely post has helped me feel so much better. Thank you Marianne (you have a lovely name)
    Lots of love as always

  21. Oh I do love a floral too ... gorgeous post and what a beautiful top ... Bee xx

  22. So many beautiful floral things! just lovely

  23. Wow - lots of lovelies on your post...lace, flowers, crochet. Very nice!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

  24. So many pretty photos here...I love the crafty swap, that's a great idea, and the crochet garland really is gorgeous. x


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