Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long Week 4

My poor hexie blanket has been a little neglected this week, as I have been busy making squares for my granny square scarf from last month's issue of Simply Crochet magazine...



I am enjoying this project so much, I love the colours and the squares are just lovely to make. I really like looking at all my little squares stacked up together, although I don't know if I will enjoy joining them all together quite so much!



I have made a couple more hexies for the throw and I seem to like stacking those up together too! I had hoped to make a hexie a day, but work and my granny square scarf have sort of got in the way of those plans! I am going to make some more hexies tonight whilst I catch up on the Great British Year on I Player, I missed the last episode as I was working and I have just adored watching the others. So a nice hot drink, good television and some crochet for me this evening, I can't wait....


It has been lovely to see what crochet other bloggers have been working on, and great that you are joining in the crochet-a-long with Chrissie and myself. As before, simply leave a note in the comments if you would like me to link up to your post.


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Happy crocheting!






  1. The squares and the hexies are looking great Marianne. There is no time limit on getting either done, so if you don't do a hexi a day don't worry. Better to enjoy the process and for it to take a while than force yourself to get it done and not have fun. xx

  2. That scarf is soooo pretty, Marianne, no wonder the hexies were put on hold! But your little pile of hexies does look ever so pretty all neatly stacked...Chrissie x

  3. We can all forgive you because I think that scarf is going to look amazing, I am tempted to make a granny square scarf but I am never sure what colours I would pick to wear! Your pile of hexies are looking very adorable in their little pile, and I cant wait until mines start looking like that!!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I love the colors you're working with. The scarf is going to be gorgeous!

  5. I think your scarf is going to be gorgeous they all look so lovely and cosy all huddled together in sweet little pile.
    Clare x

  6. So long as you are enjoying yourself it doesn't matter how many hexie's you make. That scarf looks good. Jo x

  7. Am loving the look of that scarf - and those hexies of course! Enjoy the GBBO - I was glued to the tv on Tuesday.

  8. Your granny squares are gogeous, and the yummy colours. Can't wait to see the finihsed result. Your pile of hexies are loking good.

  9. Looking lovely as always! I know what you mean I always enjoy making the granny square but when it comes to joining hmm not so much xx

  10. Both projects are so lovely.There going to look fab when your finished, has they look so lovely now x,

  11. Hi Marianne, I have just posted so a little link would be lovely. Thanks Jo x

  12. I love the colours of your scarf and your hexies are looking amazing
    Sally xxx

  13. Loving your pretty colours of your scarf and also so lovely to stack up those pretty hexies. It is most certainly going to feel good to have them all stacked up one day soon. I have tried to link in lovely Marianne, but without much joy. xoxo

  14. Those hexies are gorgeous, loving the colours too. I havent tried them myself, I can more or less only do the blanket in rounds!

  15. I have a crochet hexi baby blanket sitting in time out, I really need to get working on it before it decides to go live with someone else.

  16. Oooh, your scarf is going to be so pretty, the colours are gorgeous. The hexagons are coming along nicely, I've not finished a full hexi this week, I've just been working on the centres, Deb x

  17. Your hexies are soooo lovely. I have been inspired to start a granny square blanket and have been out today to buy the wool. I have never spent so much money on wool before so I am determined to finish it - I like your idea to try to complete a square/hexie a day. Is it normal to feel excited about a bag of colourful wool?

    1. Oh yes, it's completely normal! Your blanket sounds great...feel free to join in the CAL if you have time.
      Marianne x

  18. Hi Marianne your work looks divine, I do love the colours, beautiful. I have been work bound this week and so wish I had some time to do something as gorgeous as this - you are so talented Marianne - maybe I should try a square a day as Ruby Lu says - what a good idea. Have a lovely weekend Marianne, lots of love

  19. All of your crochet work is looking gorgeous Marianne, and everything gets done at the right time - you'll soon be seeing that little pile of hexes growing and growing, showing off their pretty pattern and colours - enjoy whatever you're busy with lovely!
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

  20. You always choose such pretty colours. Your hexies look delicious and your scarf is coming along great :) xx

  21. Love the subtle colour palette you are using, really pretty.

    Would love to link up here with you.

  22. Very pretty colours. You're always crocheting away, looks gorgeous, as usual.

  23. Your squares and hexies are looking great!

  24. I am very envious of your crochet, it's something I just cannot do... your squares are lovely. I love the colours. Julie x

  25. Ooooh this is looking so pretty! I love the colours xoxo

  26. Both the hexies and your scarf are looking lovely - it's really interesting to see your progress. My crochet has come to a halt but I have knitting and quilting on the go. x


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