Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long Week 6

I have a confession to make....


I have abandoned my hexie blanket (for the time being at least), because I had an overwhelming urge to make a granny square blanket for the living room. I was inspired by some gorgeous blankets I saw on the blog Hopscotch Lane - there is some really beautiful crochet here, using the nicest, freshest colours.


So over the past week, I have been making squares for my new blanket. I love the colours, they are like the Cath Kidston colours which seems to be a bit of a theme with me at the moment...



I also finished making my mums scarf, which is the same as the one I made for myself here. The pattern, as before, is from Inverleith...



My mum is really pleased with it, which makes me very happy. I love to make things for my lovely mum.


I have also been busy crocheting some Christmas gifts which I have enjoyed too.


What have you been crocheting this week? Chrissie and I have really enjoyed hosting the crochet-a-long and it has been great to see what others are hooking up. As before, leave a little note in the comments if you want me to link up your post to this one...


Also, if you feel like doing a little Christmas making for a fellow blogger/crafter, maybe you would like to join up for my Handmade Christmas Decoration Swap? There is still a few days left to sign up before I start pairing people up...


Some lovely crochet here...

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  1. Oooooh granny square blanket, cant wait to see the progress :) The one you linked to looks gorgeous!

    I would join in with the swap but I think this year is going to be too busy for me!

  2. I like the colours in your CK-style blankie!
    And that scarf looks gorgeous. I'm off to check out the pattern right now......

  3. Both your new blanket and the scarf look delightful! I love these colours too, they are so cheery. xx

  4. What a lovely new project, I love the bright happy colours! The scarf is amazing as well - your mum is a very lucky woman! Chrissie x

  5. Oooooh marianne lovely new granny square project, love the colours you have chosen. Your mum is going to love wearing her gorgeous scarf, so pretty!! Enjoy your day xoxo

  6. Lovely crocheting and the colors are the best and my favorite! I love when you are so motivated to start a new project and have to drop the problem is getting back to them. I have many, but I love all your makings and that scarf is so bright and cheery for your mum.

  7. Aww lovely colours for you're granny square blanket.
    Clare x

  8. Hi Marianne
    Gorgeous colours in your new blanket - essential to have at least 3 crochet projects on the go as far as I'm concerned !
    Happy crocheting
    Kate x

  9. The blanket and scarf are so pretty. I love the colors in your new blanket.

  10. Hi Marriane,

    Your blanket and scarf look fabulous, I love the colours. They will be so warm.

  11. Your blanket is going to look beautiful - happy hooking. I have joined in with your lovely crochet along and Clare and I are crochet twins this week x

  12. They are beautiful colours, it's looking so pretty. Your mum's scarf is full of beautiful colour too, lovely gift :) xx

  13. Sometimes the bigger projects can leave us hankering for something else, eh? I do love what you made for your mom. Very pretty and I'm sure she will love it! Happy week ahead.

  14. Lovely granny square, I love them I haven't crochet them for a while so...maybe?
    The scarf it's lovely too.
    I have been crocheting a cardigan for my little girl from a pattern of the Simply Crochet magazine, but I must have done some's not looking right...anyway, now I am thinking granny squares :P

    Lluisa x

  15. This is a beautiful colourful granny square Marianne, and so much better to start something new that you really want to do than keep pushing with a project that has momentarily 'gone to sleep' for you. You'll get back to that one when you feel the inclination I'm sure, but in the meantime enjoy what is making you happy - it's gorgeous! I'm glad your Mum loves her scarf - and no reason why not for it's gorgeous too. You're a very talented girl! Love, Joy xo

  16. your crochet is super lovely!! great colours.

    im so glad you singed up to my little Christmas gift tag swap, would you be able to send me an email so that I have your email address? I think email is going to be the best way to work this out!!


  17. Isn't the granny square timeless?I love the freshness of the colours you have used in both you I love to give my mum nice things, im sure your mums going to love her new present x

  18. Yay granny squares! love them. the blanket looks great. Really love the scarf so pretty. What yarn did you use in your scarf for your mum? the colours look great xx

  19. Beautiful!!!! I love the colours you've chosen for your granny squares. I bet your Mom was thrilled, it's gorgeous. Deb x


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