Friday, 1 November 2013


This week has been so very busy with work, school and lots of after school and Halloween activities and I am so glad it's Friday. I am now off work for a few days and G didn't have to work until 3pm today so we decided to spend the morning together in Glasgow...


It was such a lovely Autumn morning, sunny and crisp. We parked the car on Kelvin Way and walked to one of G's favourite cafes. I don't drink coffee at all, but G is a big coffee drinker and he says the coffee here is pretty great...



I had tea and a frangipane cherry tart, which was really delicious. It is quite a cool coffee shop this, with lots of nice little touches. I liked how Lyle's Golden Syrup tins were used as sugar bowls. I think I may be saving our next empty syrup tin now...



After our drinks and cakes, we went for a nice leisurely walk, doing a little window shopping along the way. I loved this colourful display of fruit and vegetables outside a green grocers on Dumbarton Road...



We walked back to the car, just enjoying the sights on such a nice day. Above you can see Glasgow University just behind Kelvin Way bridge...



I went into the garden when we got home to hang some washing out and was delighted to see a few little flowers and some lavender remaining. I was so sure they had all gone, maybe all the rain we have had lately has given them a little boost. I snipped a few blooms and brought them inside to have on my bedside table. I really love having flowers beside my bed...



Miss M has a playdate today and won't be home until 6pm. So I have lit a few candles, made myself a cup of tea and I am going to catch up on a little television. Most probably I will do some crochet too!


I have made a couple of new discoveries this week...


I have realised that saucers make really nice tea light holders and I now have some saucers dotted around the living room for this very purpose.


G has been teaching me how to edit my photographs and how to use filters in my pictures. I had no idea these sort of things could be done...I am a complete techno phobe! I have a very basic little camera and I am definitely not a natural photographer, so it has been nice to learn a few little tricks to make my photos look a bit better! A few of the photos above were snapped with my phone and I think I will probably use it more often now to take photos as it is so quick and easy. G has also shown me how to add photos from my phone to a blog post, which I had no idea could be done either!


Thank you for the lovely comments recently, I really do appreciate and read every one and I so enjoy visiting your blogs in return. Also, hello and welcome to my new readers and followers.


Before I go, now it is November, my thoughts are turning to the festive season and I was thinking of maybe organising a little handmade Christmas decoration swap. Would anyone be interested? I think it would be quite a fun thing to do...


Hope everyone has a really lovely weekend...





  1. That bridge in the Glasgow photograph is stunning, just beautiful, thank you for sharing. I have never been to Glasgow and now having seen your post feel like I need to put it to the top of my list :o) Nice to have moments for you and your hubby, really important xox Have a great weekend x Penny

  2. I'm a big tea fan, not so much coffee, looked a nice place and lovely to have some together time. Your candle looks so pretty on the saucer :) xx

  3. You sound as if you had a marvellous day, I love the picture of the bridge with the University in the background. Thank you for the saucer idea.

  4. What a nice day you're having. I'm so glad you had some time with your husband. Tea lights in saucers is a great idea. Enjoy the rest of your lovely day. :)

  5. What a lovely morning for you! My hubby is always seeking out the perfect coffee - I'm like you, I don't touch the stuff, but it's like the Holy Grail for him, I swear...well done learning more about photos, I'm trying too...and yes please to a swap! :-) Cxxx

  6. Lovely photo's looks like you had a lovely potter round Glasgow.
    Clare xx

  7. Such a lovely post and the photos looked pretty amazing, so whatever you did, absolutely worked!! I just stared at the picture of the green grocer for ages, it was so lovely, wow! It looked like you had a very enjoyable day together and how lovely for you to have some quality time, we don't often get the opportunity these days. Oh yes dear vintage saucers have many a uses, soap dishes, potholders, candle holders, you name it. They are far too pretty to keep stashed away. I like your pretty china and how lovely to get some flowers to bring inside too. I am pretty busy up to Christmas with the stall and then I have a few orders to finish in December, but if I have time, I would REALLY love to be part of the swap, what a great idea! BTW it looks really beautiful where you live. Enjoy your weekend lovely Marianne and thank you for all your sweet comments. xoxo

  8. Hi there. I have been thinking about you a lot today as I succumbed to the Neoploitan blanket. I thought the one I made in blues would sort my earnings but no . The Neopolitan would not stop winking at me. Hope you don't mind.
    I will tuck it away in the baby cupboard for a special little girl.
    I love your photos and love fiddling with photos. There is an ap called Diptic which is fun also Vintique. Thanks for popping over to Chalkys and leaving a kind comment about the rainbow cushion.

  9. Looks like a great day! Funny you mentioned christmas decorations as I am planning a little giveaway along the christmas decorations line! I would love to do a handmade decoration swap though. Let me know. Hope you have a great weekend. xx

  10. My Gran had the jug that you've popped those flowers in! Bit of me time is always good.

  11. What a lovely morning in Glasgow....and a lovely coffee shop! Your photos are looking great. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  12. What a lovely happy post Marianne - I did enjoy it, thank you! Great pics in Glasgow, and that sweet coffee shop and TART, that looks a real treat!!! The greengrocer's display is so nice, always a pleasure to see those. It's encouraging for you that G can help you with the tech stuff but I do think your pics always look good anyway. I too would like to learn more but become a bit nervous about messing about too much with things. I would certainly love to be in a swap Marianne, but think maybe the time of year is a bit difficult for me - but after Christmas would be fantastic.
    Have a great weekend and do enjoy your few days off - also many thanks for your beautiful visits to my place, always a delight to see you there! Warm hugs, Joy xo

  13. I love how your day unfolded in such a nice way. Maybe your husband could come over and teach me, I never edit anything and it sure shows.

  14. Hi Marianne what a lovely post - it is such fun to have a day to yourself and be free to wander. It is a few years since I was in Glasgow but I really loved it and have always said that I would return one day - soon I hope. I am like you with photography Marianne but is sounds as if you are learning new things so well done. I would definitely be interested in a swap. Have a fab weekend Marianne always love your blog. Big hugs

  15. What a lovely way to start the weekend early. The coffee house looks great, it's as if you can smell the coffee while looking at the pics.
    A Christmas swap sounds fun.
    Sally xxx

  16. What a pretty little town and cool looking cafe! Would love to take part in a Christmas ornament swap - I am in New Zealand- would it be an international swap? :)

  17. What a pretty little town and cool looking cafe! Would love to take part in a Christmas ornament swap - I am in New Zealand- would it be an international swap? :)

  18. It really sounds as a nice morning and day to me, I love coffee but I try and don't drink to much 1 or 2 everyday, Glasgow looks beautiful, I only went through once that we was traveling a bit around Scotland, so...I need to go again and spend sometime :) I love candles and relax time for myself too.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Lluisa x

  19. Hi Marianne
    Clever you learning new bits and pieces of the IT variety - its always very satisfying isn't it to feel you've achieved something like that. Looking forward to future hi tech pics !
    Kate x

  20. Sounds like you had a really lovely day always nice to have quality time. Glasgow looks like a lovely place. Never been will do one day though :) your saucer idea is great will use that one! A Christmas dec swap sounds fun :) xx

  21. That coffee shop looks really good, nice to just spend a bit of time together. I've never been to Glasgow, but the bits you have shown look very pretty. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Julie x

  22. That looks like such a nice way to spend a Friday morning! I like the look of that coffee shop very much, and hope the cosy, chilled out feeling continued into the rest of the day. x

  23. Hi Ladybird Diaries, I've just found your blog thorough Linda on Chalky's World. I love your description of your wee tour of the westend and hope you will spill the beans on where the decent coffee and frangipane tart can be found as I don't recognise the café, and REALLY want to! You've captured the spirit of Glasgow on a crisp autumn day in your pics beautifully.

  24. That coffee shop looks just gorgeous and wish I could have a taste of that tart! I love the flowers next to your bed -I am going to do that right away. Our nasturtiums have are in their Spring full bloom and I have hundreds in my garden. I have also taken note of the saucer tealights...thanks for the great ideas!

  25. What lovely, cosy photos to launch into November with! :-)


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