Sunday, 24 May 2015

Crochet catch up

Although I didn't blog for a couple of months, I still did lots of crochet!

So I thought I would do a wee post of the things I made during that time.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen most of these photos, but here goes....

Owls, bunnies and chicks...just little gifts for my Miss M using scraps of yarn. I loved making these quick, sweet wee toys. The patterns are from the lovely Bunny Mummy blog and the Green Dragonfly blog. Links to both are in my side bar...

I enjoyed making pretty roses for brooches and for my little spring wreath...

A blanket for a work friends grandson. I loved making this blanket, the squares are so enjoyable to make. The pattern for the squares can be found in Granny Squares by Susan Pinner, one of my favourite crochet books...

I gave the little blanket above to friends of G who had recently had their first wee baby boy. They were really pleased with it and that made me so happy! The colours I used here are quite different to my usual but it made a nice change for me. The pattern is by Little Doolally, the link to her blog is again in my side bar...

Hope you're not bored of blankets yet?!

I finally finished the Camellia Blanket! I have to say that I think this is my favourite blanket yet of all the ones I've ever made. The pattern is from Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench...I just adore this book and everything in it. I gave this blanket to my lovely mum and she was delighted with it. I think I've said before that I just love making things for my mum, it's so nice being able to make something pretty for her as she does so many lovely things for me...

The striped blanket above I just finished on Friday night. This was a really quick make...just rows of half trebles. I used some of the new Stylecraft Special DK colours in this project and they are such pretty colours, I will be using them lots more, I just know it. I gave this to another work friend this weekend...I've been promising her a blanket for ages and she was really happy with it when I gave it to her before we started our shift on Saturday morning.  It cheered up a 7.30am start anyway! you see a pattern there?! I gave away all of the blankets I made recently! But that means that the next one I make will definitely be for me!  Actually no, I have one in progress for my Miss M, she has named it her "Jelly Bean Blanket". Here are some of the squares below... I had better finish this first before I start another one for myself. Or maybe not!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments left over the past few days, I really appreciate them so much and I'm enjoying being back here in this wee blog space again :-)



  1. You have been busy so much blankety goodness, I love the Camilla one and also the colours of the Jelly Bean.
    Clare x

  2. So many beautiful blankets - I'm amazed that you could bear to part with them. I made Bunny Mummy's owl too; it was such fun to make and my daughter loved it. I might have to try a bunny or a chick now! Have a lovely half term. xx

  3. A very impressive collection of gorgeous blankets. It's hard to choose a favourite, but blue is my favourite colour so it has to be the blue one.

  4. Such beautiful makes, love the Camilla blanket, a real delight.

  5. So much lovely crochet Marianne, the camellia blanket is beautiful. I love the blue blanket too, I'm dying to make a baby blanket but I don't know any babies or expectant mums at the moment! Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Jane xx

  6. I'm the same. I love making blankets and I have yet to keep one for myself. My latest one was for me - but the dog keeps curling up on it and as I like the cuddles I have to let her!!! My current WIP is a blanket for M's Birthday. Then I have 1 to do for the FIL, then the MIL and then a nephew for Christmas. Good job I love making them so much!!!!

  7. Wow, you certainly haven't let the grass grow under your feet! So many gorgeous things!!!! I love the blankets and the flowers and oh, well, everything!!!! xx

  8. Such gorgeous things! You are so good at choosing colour combinations, all your work looks amazing. Love the blue and white blanket, and the jellybean one, very bright and cheery.

  9. Beautiful crochet as always, I particularly love the one given to the baby boy, the colours are fab. Definitely time to make yourself a beautiful blanket now! X

  10. Such beautiful pictures of your gorgeous new crochet makes! You are very kind to gift so many lovely makes to others, Marianne.....I am sure everyone was delighted with them.
    Have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  11. They are all such lovely makes, Marianne. The colour combinations and patterns you've used are just delightful. And you're quick at making them too! I think even just one of those little blankets will take me months and months to finish!
    Have fun making your latest blanket and have a great week! X

  12. I love the Camellia blanket, I have the Nicky Trench book too but haven't tried that pattern yet. Lovely to see what you have been busy with. Hx

  13. OOH! I adore that camellia blanket . So very pretty. I have a friend who just found out she is having a baby girl and I think that pattern would be the perfect baby gift. I may get started right away!

  14. Oh they are lovely, Marianne, you've been very busy! I bet your mum was thrilled with the camellia blanket :-) xx

  15. A great collection of makes!

    I love making the owls too, they are such great give-aways!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  16. Love the Camelia blanket!!!


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