Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer days

My favourite things about summer....

Wearing flip flops...

Sweet Scottish strawberries...

Pretty daisies...

Picking bunches of lavender from the garden...

Colourful crochet blankets drying in the sunshine and smelling gorgeous when they come back inside...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!



  1. So many lovely things to love about summer, isn't it such a great time of year, especially when the sun is shining. Have a wonderful weekend x x x

  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself. Some lovely things to love about summer, I would add eating produce from the garden.

  3. i love the smell and taste of strawbs! ;0)x summer is always lovely with the blue skies and pretty blooms~ nothing better than getting ya flip flops on too x

  4. I love being able to wear sandals and flip flops in the summer, and I love strawberries too, especially freshly picked ones. We're hoping to go to a p.y.o. farm tomorrow. Can't wait!
    Enjoy your weekend! X

  5. My favourite thing about Summer is wearing flip flops - I absolutely love them. Joan at

  6. Lovely, so glad the sun is shining for you. Love that line dried smell. Your flower shoes are fab!

  7. A lovely evocation of summertime! Happy weekend, Marianne.
    Helen xox

  8. Yes, lovely summer things indeed! I hope the sun is still shining in Scotland xx

  9. Yay summer without the hay fever! Thanks M x

  10. Beautiful photo's Marianne! I realise that I say that nearly every time I visit here, but I am always struck by the visual strength and strong identity of your photographs, they are a complete joy! X

  11. Gorgeous CK bag! We went to a pick-your-own this morning with the sweet smell of strawberries in the air and on our fingers - bliss. x

  12. Ooo, look at your gorgeous Cath Kidston bag and those pumps!
    Caz xx

  13. I can related to all your summer favorites :) I bought new flip flops last week and they are amazing! Made out of yoga mats they are incredible to walk on!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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