Thursday 31 October 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long Week 5

I can't believe it is already week 5 of the crochet-a-long! It has been lovely that so many of you have been joining in these past few weeks with Chrissie and I, and sharing your gorgeous crochet makes...I have found it very inspiring to see what others are making. The only problem is that my crochet 'to do' list is now much longer than before the crochet-a-long started!

I don't have any hexies to show this week as I have been busy finishing off a little cushion from Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers, which I started quite a few weeks back here...


It is the crown-edged cushion cover from the book, although I decided against adding the crown edge as Miss M told me that she thought it was too "spiky"?! As the cushion was for her, I added a different edging which she is happy with, I am pleased to report! I enjoyed making this, it is a very simple pattern and I used only yarn which I already had in my stash.



Here it is on Miss M's bed. She likes to have a few cushions and blankets on her bed as she loves to curl up in amongst them all and read her books.


I haven't had much time for crochet or crafting this week really as I have been working a lot, but I did manage to make another square for my granny scarf and a couple of roses for another little project I have planned...



What crochet projects do you have on the go this week?


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Sunday 27 October 2013

Fingerless Mittens


I have finished the fingerless mittens I was working on! I am really happy with them, I love the colour and they are nice and cosy. In fact, I am tempted to knit up another pair in teal (and in soft pink actually) for myself, but I really must get on with my Christmas makes and stop making things for myself!



I used the pattern above, from Nicki Trench's book Handmade Gifts. I adapted the pattern a little...actually, I seem to adapt most patterns I use, I can't seem too leave anything as it is, I always have to make a few changes! I have small hands, so I went down a needle size and for the cuff and top border I used garter stitch instead of working in knit one, purl one rib - I just really like the effect garter stitch gives. I also made the cuffs quite a bit longer than it said in the pattern, simply by increasing the number of rows. Finally, I added a little crochet flower to each mitten...


The yarn used is Sirdar Snuggly in Duckling. I adore using Sirdar Snuggly, it is meant as a baby yarn, but it is so soft and cosy for any project and is a decent price too.


It has been nice to do a little knitting after all the crochet I have been doing lately!


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.




Thursday 24 October 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long Week 4

My poor hexie blanket has been a little neglected this week, as I have been busy making squares for my granny square scarf from last month's issue of Simply Crochet magazine...



I am enjoying this project so much, I love the colours and the squares are just lovely to make. I really like looking at all my little squares stacked up together, although I don't know if I will enjoy joining them all together quite so much!



I have made a couple more hexies for the throw and I seem to like stacking those up together too! I had hoped to make a hexie a day, but work and my granny square scarf have sort of got in the way of those plans! I am going to make some more hexies tonight whilst I catch up on the Great British Year on I Player, I missed the last episode as I was working and I have just adored watching the others. So a nice hot drink, good television and some crochet for me this evening, I can't wait....


It has been lovely to see what crochet other bloggers have been working on, and great that you are joining in the crochet-a-long with Chrissie and myself. As before, simply leave a note in the comments if you would like me to link up to your post.


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Happy crocheting!





Sunday 20 October 2013


It was just Miss M and me this weekend as G had gone down to Ambleside with his mountain biking buddies for a weekend of mud and rocks. I really hope that he had better weather than we had...the west of Scotland has been incredibly damp, grey and chilly since Thursday. I also really hope that he has visited here and purchased a bath bun for me! He is due back later this evening so we shall see...


Anyway, we have spent much of today keeping cosy inside...



Enjoying French toast with blueberries and maple syrup for breakfast...



We did manage to go out for a walk this morning in between rain showers and it was nice to get some fresh air. Miss M is always very happy to have the chance to wear her horse wellies and splash in some puddles...



We bought some nice, bright flowers for my gran and took them along when we visited her this afternoon...



Miss M chose this lovely, soft yarn during the week for me to make her a cosy hat and scarf. She will wear them on the walk to and from school each day and the blue yarn will look nice with her school coat. I made a start on the scarf today...



It is just a very simple garter stitch scarf, knitted on fairly big needles for quick results...



I have had the living room candles lit since late afternoon. I love how candles make a room seem so cosy and the whole house smells of vanilla now...

I really love looking through my favourite books with a cup of tea after dinner. I have been enjoying browsing some of my craft books this evening whilst Miss M has watched some television...

It has been a nice, relaxing Sunday, just what I need as I am back at work tomorrow. Now Miss M and I are planning a quick game of junior scrabble before it is bedtime for her and crochet time for me. I am completely loving working on my granny square scarf, the squares are nice and simple and perfect to make in the evenings...




Friday 18 October 2013

Sunshine on a rainy day...


It is the last day of the October school break today and it is wet, cold and grey outside. However, Miss M and I spent a happy hour this afternoon baking some little fairy cakes and then had fun decorating them with brightly coloured icing 'pens'.


Happy little cakes!




Thursday 17 October 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long Week 3

It is already week 3 of the crochet-a-long! It seems to me that October is passing by very quickly...


Anyway, it was lovely to see some other bloggers join in with myself and Chrissie last week with some really lovely crochet makes. Anyone is welcome to join and as before, if you would like me to link up to your post, simply leave a little note in the comments.


I have made a little more progress with my hexie blanket...

I am really just using up yarn from my stash so I hope it doesn't end up looking too 'random' in a bad way if you know what I mean? I like the colours so far, so we shall see. The pattern is from Nicki Trench's Cute & Easy Crochet With Flowers.
I know I have said before that I really don't buy magazines very often, but I picked up a copy of this months Simply Crochet magazine in the supermarket last week and liked so many of the designs in it, that I decided to buy it. It really is a lovely issue this month, with lots of cosy makes. So, I have also been working on a couple of projects from the magazine...
The granny square scarf. I just adored this the minute I saw it and it is getting so damp and chilly here that I really feel that I need a couple more warm and cosy scarfs. Again, this project is using lots of odds and ends from my stash although I did buy a few balls of gorgeously soft Sirdar Snuggly in Little Bud (love that name!), for the main part of the scarf.
I love the idea of embellishing an outfit with some crochet and so have started making the button studded ruffle too. I had actually put this to one side but after seeing Julie's gorgeous dress which she added a gorgeous lacy collar to here, I decided that I really had to get on with my embellishing project too!
Have a little look here for some more crochet...
Thank you for the really lovely comments really are such a lovely lot!


Monday 14 October 2013

Autumn Crafting

Over the past few weeks, I have been enjoying working on some crafty projects in warm, autumnal colours, quite a change from my usual colour palette of choice...



A little knitting, in a gorgeous buttery yellow shade. I have really enjoyed working on this project - a pair of cosy wrist warmers - and am nearly finished so will be able to show you soon...


I have made three little brooches to brighten up my outfits. There is a tutorial to make these here, although I didn't have any linen and so I just used felt scraps instead. I particularly love the mustard yellow one, and have been wearing it a lot...
Some simple crochet in warm, earthy colours. This is actually a scarf from this pattern, the same as the one I made for myself. It will be a Christmas gift for my lovely neighbour...
Sometimes it's quite nice to use some different colours once in a while!


Friday 11 October 2013

A Flowery Cuppa


A couple of vintage teacups turned out to be the perfect way to display some cheap but cheerful supermarket flowers in my living room and on my bedside table. They are making me smile every time I walk into those rooms today. Simple, happy pleasures...


Happy weekend everyone!




Thursday 10 October 2013

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long Week 2

It's Thursday again, and time for a little update on the crochet-a-long with myself and Chrissie. Last week it was lovely to see the gorgeous crochet which others are working on too...

I am afraid, that I have very little hexie blanket progress to share this week, only 2 more hexies have been made...


Giving a grand total of...three! A poor effort, I know. The pattern is from the gorgeous Cute & Easy Crochet With Flowers by Nicki Trench.


However, I have been making little squares for my pink and white spring time throw which I mentioned here. These small squares are quick and simple to make and I have been crocheting them in the evenings whilst catching up on a little television...



I now have 72 of these squares...only 360 more to go! I suspect that this will not be finished until well into next year!


I have also been working on some crochet for Christmas gifts which I am enjoying very much. I am hoping to make quite a few Christmas gifts for people, certainly for the females I need gifts for, the males on the list are always a bit more tricky!


If you would like to join in the crochet-a-long, you are very welcome and if you want me to add a link to your post at the end of this one, just leave a little note in the comments...


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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Three Good Things


A gorgeous vintage china tea trio found in one of the local charity shops last week. I just adore this, it is such a pretty little set. I do love a proper china tea cup...



A simple little sponge cake which I made last week for G and Miss M to enjoy a nice slice of whilst I was out with friends for a meal...



Another very lucky charity shop find! I couldn't believe it when I spotted this book on the shelf of my local Shelter shop! This is such a lovely little book, full of great projects and I felt so fortunate to get it for such a bargain. I have lots of gifts planned from this book and I actually have one of the projects in progress at the moment, although it's not for a gift, it's for me...


I have just finished 3 very long days at work and I now have 5 days off! Today I am going for a late breakfast and then the cinema with a lovely friend, and the rest of the week will be spent spending time with G and my sweet Miss M and catching up with household chores...although I am sure that I will manage to fit in some crochet and crafting!


Thank you for the lovely comments about my scarf, I really do appreciate them so much.