Friday 25 September 2015

Island Blanket

The Island Blanket is finished...and I'm so happy with it!  

I started this blanket whilst we were on our summer holidays to the Isle of Arran. My little family and I all absolutely adore Arran. It's such a beautiful island with so much to do, but it's relaxing at the same time.  We stayed in a lovely little cottage and I was able to make lots of the starburst circles in the evenings whilst we were there. It was so enjoyable to do this while we were all sitting together relaxing at night. 

I loved putting together a little collage of some of our holiday photos so you could see how my colour choices for the blanket were inspired by all the gorgeous colours of this island.

The pattern for the starburst squares is from Jane Brocket's book The Gentle Art of Knitting. A knitting book which also happens to have a couple of crochet patterns!

The yarn used for the circles and cream edging was all Stylecraft Special DK and the main colour was Stylecraft Life DK in mint, which happens to be my favourite yarn shade at the moment. I used a hook and made 56 squares in total. It's not a very big blanket...more of a lap size really but that's okay, it didn't really need to be a huge blanket and I can still see this being a favourite in our house.

I think working on a new blanket every summer holiday might be a new tradition for me...I just enjoyed this so much!

Every time I look at this blanket I'm sure I'll be reminded of our holiday on Arran and that's definitely a good thing. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Monday 14 September 2015

Change of seasons

It's definitely starting to feel like Autumn!  Which is good because it's my favourite season.

We have been picking apples from our tree in the garden and Miss M made an apple crumble on Sarurday night. It was so good!

I have been lighting candles in the evenings which I love to do as it makes the house feel so cosy...I love the little vanilla scented tea lights from Ikea.

The crocheted blankets are back on the beds and it was even chilly enough to use my hot water bottle one night!

I am trying to finish up my Island blanket and a few other crochet projects...all so that I can start new projects! I have a new blanket planned which will be my winter project...I can't wait.

Wishing you all a lovely week :-)