Thursday 26 June 2014

Sewing Day


When I got up this morning, I made the decision that today was going to be a sewing day...


On the way home from the school run, my thoughts were completely filled with what I was going to make. I wanted to do some hand sewing and I also wanted to make something on my sewing machine...


I decided to start with a little flower brooch. This was a kit that came free with Mollie Makes magazine a couple of months ago now and I kept meaning to sew it as I really love the colours. So I spent an hour or so making it this morning. It was an enjoyable little make and I think I will probably sew a few more of these in different colours as, in my opinion, you can never have too many brooches!


Next, I decided I was going to make yet another sleeveless top. The two I have made already, here and here, I have worn a lot, particularly the cream floral one as I had the pattern right by then. This one didn't take me too long to make, a couple of hours from cutting out, sewing and finishing as I didn't have to keep constantly trying it on because I already had my pattern from last time which I knew fitted well. It's come out well and I'm pleased with it. I'm sure I will make more of these tops and I still have the lovely cotton lawn fabric which I have been too scared to cut into....maybe I will pluck up the courage soon to just go for it!


So, I have had a productive and enjoyable day so far! I'm working for the next 3 days now and the school summer holidays start here tomorrow too so very soon my crafty time will be a wee bit limited. Nevertheless, it was lovely to make a day of it today!




Saturday 21 June 2014

Loving Lavender


I really love lavender, it's one of my favourite scents. Our lavender is blooming well at the moment and I am so enjoying snipping little bunches of it to have around the house. The scent is just lovely, very calming and perfect to have on my bedside table. I enjoyed making the tiny little hearts to decorate the vase as well, a lovely idea which I saw on a blog recently, although I cannot for the life of me remember which blog it was, hopefully it will come to me....


Have you ever been to a lavender farm? After reading this post from Gillian of the lovely Tales From a Happy House blog way back last year, I have really, really wanted to visit a lavender farm. Unfortunately I don't think there are any in Scotland....although I may be wrong, does anyone know? I had a look around the internet but could only see links to lavender farms in England, and the nearest one looks to be around 4 hours drive away. Maybe I could persuade my little family that a short break around the vicinity of a lavender farm would be a very good idea!



Tuesday 17 June 2014

Knitting, for a change


It has been a while since I started a new knitting project, or done any knitting at all really. Crochet has really been holding my attention recently. I think it may be because crochet is so much quicker than knitting and I find it easier to remember my place with a crochet project when I've had to leave it for a few days.


As I have enjoyed sewing myself a couple of items of clothing recently, it occurred to me that I have never knitted (or crocheted) an actual garment for myself. I have made lots of scarves, hats, wrist warmers etc for myself and others and a couple of cardigans for Miss M when she was younger, but not a proper garment for me.


So, I am knitting a cardigan. The pattern is this one here. It seems simple enough, being only stocking stitch and garter stitch. Hopefully the shaping and neckbands won't defeat me! Those are the parts which scare me a bit. My mum has said that she will help if I get stuck...she is a fantastic knitter and has made some gorgeous things for Miss M and for me.


So far, I am really enjoying my new knitting project and although I'm sure it will be a number of months until I have a completed cardigan to wear, I am telling myself just to enjoy the process.


What are you knitting or crocheting at the moment?




Many thanks for the get well wishes for Miss M, she is much better and is looking forward to going back to school tomorrow!




Saturday 14 June 2014

Good things, this week


Scented stocks on my kitchen table...



A new book on my Kindle which I am very much enjoying so far. I always forget how much I really love reading, I must try harder to make more time to read each day...



Good things are happening in the garden. The lavender, clematis and apple tree are all doing well. No thanks to me though. I remain completely useless and clueless about gardening, the hard work in that area is all down to G...



I am loving my table above, a recent makeover project. This little table was found in my local Shelter shop and purchased for £1.50. It was very uninspiring to look at then, being quite a dull brown colour but I knew it would look good when painted. I spent a while sanding it down (and managed to sand my knuckles in the process), then painted it white and then gave it three coats of blue paint. The paint colour was Morris Blue....I love that name. I then distressed the table in places using a really fine sandpaper. I am so pleased with it! It's nice to do a little project like this now and again...



I did a little baking this week too. " Ice cream " fairy cakes with buttercream, sprinkles and chocolate flakes. Perfect for tea breaks and with after school milk...



My lovely Miss M has not been well today, she has a yucky sickness bug, but she perked up a little this afternoon and wanted to make Olaf the snowman from Fimo clay. (We love Fimo!). Here he is above, relaxing against the pink spotty jug. She is planning to give him to her best friend who is a really big Frozen fan...


Hope you have all had some good things in your week too?




Wednesday 11 June 2014

Sunny June Morning


It has been such a beautiful morning, sunny and warm. G has gone in to work for a meeting and, after taking Miss M to school, I have spent most of the morning outside in the back garden, just relaxing and appreciating the sunshine.



I picked a little posy of flowers from the garden to have in the house and have displayed them in a jam jar. I love jam jar posies, there is something so sweet about them. I was so happy to see that my lavender is blooming again too...


Today it really feels as if summer is on it's way!




Ps. Thank you for all the lovely comments lately on my recent makes, they are much appreciated and always make me smile :)


Saturday 7 June 2014

Another Obsession.... was just a matter of time really! I have made another sleeveless top, similar to the first one I made here. I am so much happier with this one though. I really took my time over it, trying it on at every stage and adjusting the fit to make sure it was right.



I really like the fabric, it's just my style. I like my ditsy florals! I have some more fabric in a soft green that is destined to become yet another sleeveless top. Even though the first top has some issues with the fit, I really like wearing it so I feel it is only sensible to make more!



The three of us went out for dinner tonight and I was very happy to be wearing my new top for the first time!


Have a great weekend everyone!




Monday 2 June 2014

Unexpected Happy Things


I returned from work one evening last week to find that G had planted these pretty daisies in our trough planter outside the front door. They make me smile every time I see them....



I received a surprise parcel in the post last weekend and inside was this beautiful bag from my lovely, and very talented, friend Chrissie. I think it might just be the prettiest bag ever! I love it so much, thank you Chrissie...



A pretty bunch of germini which I got in the reduced section of my local supermarket for the grand sum of 75p! They are so bright and cheery. I have put a few in little vases and jam jars around the house, and best of all some on my bedside table...



Rediscovering a forgotten crochet project. I started this blanket in November last year! I was really enjoying making this but then I ran out of some of the yarn I needed to make more granny squares and this poor blanket just got neglected really! Anyway, I was really pleased to find it again and now have the yarn I need to complete it. It also solves my recent dilemma of what to crochet next!


I love unexpected happy things!