Monday 3 October 2016

A few makes

I've made a couple of simple striped baby blankets recently. They're uncomplicated and fairly quick to do so a perfect little project for having on the go whilst watching television in the evening! I can see me making lots more of these in different colour combinations ...

I also had a little spell where I was obsessed with making these little stuffed heart hangers. These are addictive! I so want to make one in all my favourite colour combinations ❤️. The link for the pattern for these can be found on the fantastic Attic24 blog, link in my sidebar. 

I also finished the little granny square blanket I was making. I loved making this, there's just something about a simple granny square that I love. I always seem to have one on the go these days! I like the way the white makes the other colours pop with this one. 

So a few projects finished! Obviously that means that I've now started several more! What have you been making lately?


Wednesday 7 September 2016

Yarn Love ❤️

Lots of people on Instagram had been talking about some lovely new yarn and I just had to try some as well. Any excuse!

It's from a company called Paintbox yarns and the colour palette they offer is just delicious. I think there are about sixty shades in total and I had such a hard time choosing as I loved so many of the colours! 

I tend to use mainly DK yarn when I crochet but this time I've gone for Aran weight. A change is good sometimes isn't it?

The colours I've chosen are all sort of ice cream shades (my usual preference then really!) and they are...banana cream, candy floss pink, champagne white, pale lilac, pistachio green and washed teal. I have to say that the colours are totally gorgeous.  I ❤️ them. I wonder if this will takeover from Stylecraft Special DK as my favourite blanket yarn?! 

I think I will probably end up making a pretty blanket with this yarn. And probably soon as the temptation to start using this lovely new yarn is very strong!

Have any of you tried this yarn yet? What do you think of it?


PS. This is not a sponsored post! I bought the yarn myself from ... I'll post again when I've actually crocheted with it!

PPS. Thank you so much for the lovely comments lately ❤️

Sunday 4 September 2016

Weekend Crochet

I hope everyone has had a good weekend? Mine was busy but good and despite the busyness, I did manage to fit in some crochet here and there!

Through the week I started making a wrap which is all done in double crochet so it's really easy to pick up and do a few rows when I have a spare ten minutes. I managed a few rows this morning with my cuppa.  I've never made a shawl or a wrap before so we'll see how it turns out!

I finished my blooming flower cushion! I have to say that I absolutely ❤️ it. I'm actually a bit sad that it's finished as I enjoyed working on it so much and loved using all my favourite ice cream colours.  The pattern is by Attic24 and the link to her wonderful blog can be found in my sidebar. The yarn is all Stylecraft Special DK which I had in my stash already. This project is fantastic for using up small amounts of yarn. I'm really happy with how this looks on the sofa along with one of my other crocheted cushions. I think the blooming flower cushion would also look great in a solid colour. I'm thinking a soft pink ❤️...

I like having a simple granny blanket on the go and I'm enjoying making this pastel one. Granny blankets are so relaxing to work on aren't they? I love them. In fact I'm going to do some more of it tonight whilst G and I watch some re-runs of Friends. I think that might just be my perfect Sunday evening...


Saturday 27 August 2016

On the hook

I have lots of projects on the go at the what's new?! 

Unfortunately my previous round crocheted cushion met a sad end when lots of the stitching looked to have been unpicked by someone  Nobody has admitted to it though!  So I have started making the blooming flower cushion from the wonderful Attic24 blog (link in my sidebar). I can honestly say that I'm loving every single stitch. I'm using sort of ice cream colours which are my colours of choice at the moment. The yarn is mainly Stylecraft Special DK with some other oddments from my stash. 

I also have this hexagon blanket on the go which has a very similar colour scheme to the cushion above. Yip I really love these colours at the moment! This blanket is going to be for my daughter. The pattern is from the book Granny Squares by Susan Pinner which I'm sure I've said before, is an absolutely fantastic book and I've used lots of the patterns in my projects. 

My little basket has lots of bits of projects in it at the moment...two colourful cushion covers, a starburst blanket with only a few squares done and a colourful granny blanket. All projects which are easy to dip in and out of and just do a little bit here and there.

Lastly I have this little striped baby blanket which admittedly is almost finished. I just have the ends to sew in and a little embellishment to add. This blanket is made using rows of dc and I love the texture of it.

So lots of projects on the go! I find it impossible to stick to only one at a time. Maybe I have a short attention span?! I'm not sure but I just love having lots of projects to choose from depending on my mood. 

Do you have lots of WIPs on the go at the one time or do you finish each project before starting another?

Until next time...


Wednesday 10 August 2016

All the pretty pastels

Hello!  Hope you are all well and have been enjoying lots of crafty time?!

I've been enjoying using lots of pretty pastel colours, peach, lilac, lemon, aqua and spring green with lots of white as well. I just love this combination of fresh and pretty. 

 I have a few new projects on the go...a granny blanket, a blanket for a baby boy and a pastel striped blanket. Do you notice a theme here?! Yes...I'm still completely obsessed with blanket making, especially baby blankets I just adore making these. They are small enough to be fairly quick and I can use all my favourite pastels so I definitely don't get bored when I'm making baby blankets.

The little collage above is of some of the projects I've been making over the past few months...I especially enjoyed making the bunting and the stool cover, both were really fun makes.

Well I'm off to do a little more on the project above...a pastel granny blanket, a nice relaxing make with all the pretty pastel colours ❤️.

Until next time....


Friday 25 March 2016

Easter makes and bakes

I really enjoy making things for Easter and my little Miss does too.

I crocheted a little bunny hat for my baby nephew using a pattern I found on the Repeat Crafterme blog. Such a sweet wee pattern and I was delighted with how it turned out...hopefully it will look even cuter on my nephew's wee head! I love making baby things, especially quick projects like this one and babies tend to look really cute in funny hats don't they?!

We made little Easter nests at Brownies this week...I love that I get to do these kinds of crafts with the girls and they like having something cute to take home. I remember making something similar to this wee nest when I was a brownie myself. 

I crocheted some little baskets to put chocolate eggs in and used them as table decorations last week when we had my parents and gran over for dinner. The idea was that everyone could take their little basket of chocolate eggs away with them...I think G and my dad ate most of theirs straight after the main course though!

For the same dinner, Miss M and I made a chocolate cake which she then decorated with lots of mini eggs, chickens and bunnies. Can you spot the little Harry Potter chick?! Little Miss is a massive HP fan and so the little 'Harry' chick was given pride of place in the middle of the cake!

I'm looking forward to hopefully getting time to work on a new crochet project and of course eat some (lots) of chocolate during this long weekend. 

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break!


PS. Thank you for the lovely comments on my V stitch blanket :)

Wednesday 16 March 2016

V stitch blanket

Two posts in as many days...what on earth is happening here?!

Well, I just wanted to pop by and share my latest blanket.  I really loved working on this one and I was sad when it was finished.  It's for my daughter, she asked for a new blanket and chose all the colours herself....I think she did well! I decided to make this using the v stitch as I hadn't tried it before and had seen so many beautiful v stitch blankets on Pinterest and Instagram. This stitch is actually's so easy and fun to do and I love the effect it gives.

As usual, most of the yarn is Stylecraft Special DK which is my favourite yarn for making blankets which are made to be well used and loved. The colours are cream, fondant, aspen, clematis, parchment, lemon, silver and apricot. There are a couple of random colours in there as well from odd scraps of DK I had in my stash but I'm not sure which brand or shade those were. The v stitch blanket is a great stash buster!

I'm pleased to say that this blanket has been given the nod of approval from my little Miss!

I can definitely see me making another v stitch blanket really soon...I'm thinking one in soft pastel shades will be next. Or perhaps Cath Kidston inspired colours...decisions decisions!

Wishing you all a lovely week.