Thursday, 18 July 2013

Good Housekeeping

Miss M has spent the day with her Auntie today which has given me some much needed time to catch up on some household tasks! As well as the boring but necessary cleaning jobs (bathroom, kitchen floor), vacuuming and general tidying I have been...

Placing jugs and pretty cups of flowers around the house...

Baking chocolate chip cookies. Recipe from Kitchen by Nigella Lawson...

Doing lots and lots of laundry and putting fresh, line dried linen on the beds...

It has been another gorgeously warm day here and unfortunately I have spent most of it indoors! However, tomorrow we have planned a lovely family day out and this evening we plan to sit in the garden with a glass of something nice whilst Miss M plays. I can't wait...


Thank you for the lovely comments about my apple pin cushion! This was a really quick little make which took little over an hour and I used some red DK cotton I had (I think it may have been a Debbie Bliss yarn). The pattern came from Jean Grennhowe's Christmas Special booklet. I hope this helps if anyone wants to make their own!




  1. Looks like you've done a sterling job! You'll deserve that glass of something nice later. Lovely little displays of flowers so pretty x

  2. All the chores done, you can reward yourself with a long weekend - starting tomorrow! Chrissie x

  3. Sounds like a good productive day, hope you enjoy your glass of something nice now that you can relax! I like the look of your cookies! :-) x

  4. You're having a lovely day! How nice to put flowers around the house. Your cookies look delicious; I need to find big chocolate chunks like those!

  5. Sounds like a lovely day to me!Some gorgeous things in this post today!

  6. You have made the mundane look very glamorous! Enjoy your tipple. Jo x

  7. Oh I so need to catch up on my cleaning ... love your little posies and the cookies look gorgeous ... Bee xx

  8. I hope you enjoyed a nice glass of something after all that hard work. The little pots of flowers are so sweet.

  9. Don't you feel so good when you can get so much done? Have a lovely day tomorrow you deserve it after all your hard work.

  10. Oh now you're all 'done and dusted' you are free to do 'whatever'! Do enjoy the 'whatevering' - and catch up on the lovely sunshine while you're at it - and I would be grateful for a little bit of it sent my way please!
    Joy x

  11. I've mostly abandoned housework unless it's essential so I can make the most of the lovely weather while it lasts. I'd be tempted to stay inside to make those lovely cookies though! xx

  12. nothing better then filling the house with fresh flowers!! how lovely xx

  13. Hi Ladybird, I do love the way you have put the flowers into the gorgeous cups, what a good idea, they look so pretty. You have been very good doing all the work on such hot days but there is nothing like the satisfaction of having the house looking and smelling sweet. Enjoy your day out, love your blog.
    Lots of love

  14. What a pretty pink post, those posies are gorgeous ~ Sarah x

  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm those cookies look delicious!! xxx

    1. Judging that I chose to comment on the cookies rather than the beautiful flowers really does show I am on a diet ... !!! x

  16. Good photos, you can almost smell the flowers and the neatly iron pile. The cookies made my mouth water.
    Thank you.
    S xx

  17. A very productive housekeeping day indeed. You must feel good. I always used to find that it gave me a strange kinda buss when everything was clean and beautuful and ready for the family. Hope you had a good day out?? Happy weekend to you Marianne xoxo

  18. Sometimes a day - or even a couple of hours - to yourself to get chores done and potter around the house is very satisfying. I always feel really content after a day like that. That's a very pretty pile of linen you have there.

    I loved your apple pin cushion by the way! x


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