Saturday, 3 August 2013


We have just returned from a lovely week's holiday on The Isle of Arran. Miss M enjoyed the ferry crossing..
We stayed in a little cottage in Lamlash Bay. The second photo above was the view from our bedroom window...

We spent lots of time visiting the beaches on different parts of the island, looking for shells, sea glass and the ever elusive heart shaped pebble...

Miss M enjoyed making her very own soap here...

Beautiful sunset...

Brodick Castle and it's beautiful walled gardens...

It was such a nice holiday, there were quite a few children staying in the cottages next to ours and Miss M made some lovely new friends, they played rounders and we all went rock pooling together. In the evenings we played dominoes and Bingo! It was a very relaxing holiday, I needed it and feel completely rested now.

It's good to be back home, even though there is lots of laundry to be done, I'm still happy to be back in my own wee house!

We brought back a few little souvenirs which I will show soon.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my little pin cushion! It was lovely to come back to those...our holiday was an Internet free zone! I did some cross stitch while we were away - I always take a cross stitch project on holiday for some reason - but tonight I plan to do some crochet. I have missed crochet and have decided that next year I will definitely take a cross stitch and a crochet project away with me!




  1. Oh, everything looks lovely on your holiday. I would like to be sitting on that bench by the water right now. I am so glad you had a nice, peaceful holiday. It's nice to have you back. :)

  2. What a great place! That sky looks marvellous! :) x

  3. Oh lovely. We holidayed on Rona seven years ago - no one on the island except us, the coos and a stray sheep. Totally idyllic. The washing is always the downside though! X

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such lovely holiday pictures.... It al looked so perfect. Glad you had such a lovely time

  5. Glad you are back. I found a heart shaped stone in Lyme Regis in May. I will post it next week and you can tell me if it would pass the test! Loved your photos, looks like you have had great weather. Jo x

  6. How lovely it all is and I'm so glad you had such an enjoyable time away. That sunset is just marvellous! I soooo need a trip back to Bonnie Scotland!
    So nice too that Miss M enjoyed the trip over and made friends to spend time with whilst there - that can make all the difference for the young ones, can't it!
    I hope the weather is good for you to catch up on the washing!!!
    Joy x

  7. Oh Ladybird your post brought back so many happy memories, we spent 2 weeks on Arran a few years ago and absolutely loved it. It is such a special place to be. Your photographs are just stunning Ladybird thank you for sharing them. If you have time please catch up with my blog as I am planning a giveaway this week and would love you to enter. Have a wonderful Sunday
    Lots of love

  8. Welcome back - I've missed you! So glad to hear you had a good holiday though and the photos are lovely, particularly the sunset. All those photos of the sea make me want to head for the coast again though. :) x

  9. Arran looks so beautiful ... lovely to hear to had a great holiday ... the sunset is stunning ... Bee xx

  10. It looks so beautiful. We had a very short visit there, well couldn't really call it a visit. It's such a beautiful part of the world and we woukd love to go back one day. Your holiday sounds idyllic and so relaxing. I'm sure you missed crocheting whilst away, but it must have been good to have a break from technology. I'm in the midst of having to decide what to take on hols and not an easy one. Lovely to have you back and looking forward to seeing what you brought back with you. Xoxo

  11. All I can say is "wow".
    That Island looks amazing and I'd love to visit, there are so many wonderful places on our planet and here I am sat at the computer! hmpf! :)
    I shall live vicariously through you!
    Have a great week friend!

  12. It looks like it was a beautiful trip, thank you for taking us with you.

  13. I have never been to Arran, but it looks peaceful and very beautiful. My Mum lives on the Isle of Lewis and I only get to visit a few times a year but it is so restful when I am up there. It is nice to come home though! Glad you had a great time.

  14. Looks lovely, my sister has recently been to Arran and it sounds brilliant. I've tried some Arran Aromatics soap to and can definately recommend. x

  15. Your holiday looks just lovely. Can you believe, I've never actually been to Scotland? I love the view from your bedroom window and that sunset is amazing.

    Totally with you re the joy of returning home again though!

    I took some crochet away with me but did sinfully little - my hands were too sweaty/sandy/suncreamy!

    Heather x

  16. That sunset is absolutely stunning! looks like you had a wonderful time. Looks like a beautiful place x

  17. Oh, that view from your bedroom window! It looks so wild and rugged and incredibly beautiful too. Somewhere I'd love to go one day. x

  18. It all looks beautiful. I love going on holidays but I'm always very happy to come home again! I hope you manage to keep hold of the holiday feeling a while longerXX

  19. Wow the photos are so stunning looks like a beautiful place to visit, like you I'm just back from a internet free hoiliday, we went to Suffolk so laudry galore here to, sitting waiting to be done.
    Clare x


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