Wednesday 21 August 2013

Pretty Pastels

Enjoying some crochet this morning with a cup of tea and one of my mum's delicious chocolate and coconut cookies. I have started a new blanket! This will not be a quick project and I fully expect it to take me months and months to complete. I am making the spring time throw from Cute & Easy Crochet but all the squares will be pink and white - i am really quite excited about this blanket! I plan to work on these sweet little squares in between other projects...
A pastel posy in my favourite little glass bottle...
Pretty new teaspoons! I have had my eye on these for ages and finally bought them when I was in Glasgow on Saturday. I really, really love them and have been enjoying using them so much. G does not understand this teaspoon love at all and thinks I am completely bonkers...
My current cross stitch...
I made a large version of these for my mum's birthday cake yesterday. I like how pretty the marshmallows look on top of the cake...
I just love pinks and pastels, definitely favourite colours of mine!
Thank you for the lovely comments on my shell picture, I really enjoyed reading them all - you are all so kind.
Wishing you all a lovely week...



  1. Love love love :) those flowers are just what I needed on such a dreary day! keep us up to date on your blanket, im in the process of making one in time for winter :) x

  2. Your posts and pretty pictures always make me smile! I just love your pastels...the blanket is going to soooo lovely, and your other makes are equally beautiful! Chrissie x

  3. What a beautiful post, and I love the china cup!! The blanket is going to be fabulous!! x

  4. Pretty, pretty! I love these soft colors and I would go nuts for those teaspoons too. In fact, I'm a teeny bit jealous. :)

  5. So pretty. Your cake looks so much more glamorous than my hearty tea Party Tuesday one. I made rhubarb crumble cake - a hearty one instead of pretty. Jo x

  6. Ooo exciting a new blanket! I love the ones that take ages, its such a feeling of pride when its finished :-) enjoy x

  7. Love the very pretty colors you have surrounding you, and of course everything tastes better with pretty teaspoons.

  8. What is it about men not understanding our love for pretty teaspoons?! LOVE all your gorgeous pastels and looking forward to seeing your blankie as it progresses. I love that Nicky Trench book, there are sooo many lovely projects in it.
    Happy Wednesday,

  9. What lovely, soft colours!
    And that cake!?! I just want to dive into it!!!

  10. I totally understand the teaspoon thing.
    S xx

  11. Yay for new pastel blankets, I have a one of these cute and easy crochet Spring time blankets also as a WIP and I totally get the teaspoon thing, they are very pretty.
    Clare x

  12. Your new blanket you are making looks lovely, but I'm loving the pretty pastel one that your tea and cookie are sitting on. It's beautiful.
    As for the teaspoons, they are gorgeous, I know exactly how you feel about them.

    Sally :) xx

  13. Such pretty delicate colours, so soothing to the eyes - and - the marshmallows very tempting to the appetite! Lovely post!
    Joy x

  14. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. I've pretty much abandoned mine having made about 100 squares - not sure the colours are working well together. Will probably join them together and give them to my friend's little girl as a dolly blanket though. Cake looks gorgeous and I have teaspoon envy! x

  15. What a lovely post with such pretty colours. XX

  16. I understand the tea spoon love! I'm still waiting for my cath kidston ones! Yours are lovely xx

  17. So many beautiful sugary colours, reminds me of a big bag of dolly mixtures. I totally understand your love of spoons. I have a love of vintage plates which my other half just doesn't get. I can usually hear him muttering something about not another plate, looks like the rest of them....etc...
    Look forward to seeing your completed blanket. Crochet is something i'd love to learn how to do.

  18. Ladybird I just love your blog, always interesting and so colourful, a work of art, thank you so much
    Lots of love

  19. I love your pastel coloured post! And that yarn colour, how gorgeous is that!

  20. Everything is so darling in this photo - the crochet squares, the cup with roses, the hooks in a crafty jar, the book (it's on my amazon wish list!) the flowers...
    Love such crafty images :)

  21. All my favourite colours together. Such lovely photo's xoxo


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