Tuesday, 27 August 2013

(Crafty) Book Worm

I really love craft books, I don't have a huge collection but the ones I have I use a lot and probably flick through at least one nearly every day. I'm not really a fan of craft magazines to be honest, I buy the odd one such as Simply Crochet if there is a project in it I really like and occasionally, G buys me a copy of Mollie Makes but apart from that, I don't tend to bother with them. But, crafty books, I adore...

We have a bookcase in the living room and the middle shelf is where I have all my craft books.
The books above are my absolute favourites and are definitely the ones I use the most.
It's no surprise then that Cute & Easy Crochet is there! I think any regular blog readers will probably know that I really love this book, I think it is one of the best crochet books around, especially for those relatively new to crochet (like me), because each project is so well explained and each one is beautiful and achievable.

Make! and Homemade were two of the first crafty books I ever bought a few years ago. I don't know why, but when Miss M was about six months old and I was returning to work, I had a really strong urge to start knitting again. My mum gave me a little refresher and that was me, I began knitting a lot and making other things too. Then, I learned to crochet last winter and that has been me ever since really! And so my collection of craft books has grown too...

A recent addition to my collection has been Hip Crochet By Natalie Clegg. G kindly bought this for me a few weeks ago. This is a lovely crochet book, the projects in it are really nice, some quite different from those I have seen in other books. The author also uses quite a few budget yarns such as my favourite Stylecraft Special DK. To me this is great, as I often find that authors tend to favour expensive yarns which are most definitely out of my price range! I like this book a lot and I am planning to make a few of the projects in it. In fact, I have already made a little something - a little 'cache pot' which is on the front cover of the book. I made the smallest size and it is perfect for storing necklaces...


I have a few other books I have my eye on too...

Granny Squares. I read a lovely review for this on Chrissie's blog and it has been on my wish list ever since...

Cute & Easy Crocheted Flowers. I can't wait until this is released...

Mollie Makes Crochet. Not long until this is released either...


So, I would really love to know what your favourite craft books are?! Do we have any of the same favourites? Any that you think are a 'must- have' for any crafter?! Please share....




  1. As much as I love to crochet and have for....for many years, I do not own not one craft book of any kind!!! You have a big selection that I am just itching to have!
    Hugs, Shari

  2. Oh I am a craft book addict too ... I spotted some of the same ones in your collection as I have ... I love them all and regularly flick through the pages ... I also love recipe books and have quite a collection of those too ;) ... love the little cache pot ... Bee xx

  3. We have so many f the same craft books! I will add Hip Crochet to my wish list - I love that she uses Stylecraft, I couldn't agree more with you on the expensive yarns used for even the smallest and silliest of projects - check out 'Zakka Style' and its partner 'I Love Patchwork' - I've been learning to sew more, and these are full of awesome, easy, stylish makes, with lots of gorgeous neutral linens...I'll post a photo of one of my FOs on my blog soon! Cxxx

  4. I have a whole pile of craft books, I like to get them more than magazines really as I often find several patterns I want to make rather than just one or two. I have so many of the books you do, as well. I like the look of hip crochet. Think I'll put it on my Christmas list!

  5. You have such a nice collection. I don't have many, just a few crochet and sewing books, but I've gotten some good ideas. I really like the books that are full of crochet borders or many kinds of granny squares; it's so interesting to look at them and think that people can do these things in so many different ways!

  6. We have so many of the same books, I'm also really looking forward to the Cute and Easy crochet flower book coming out. My most recent crafty book is Stitch and Sew by E Pellinhof which has some lovely little projects in it. x

  7. we share so many of the same books too! I love Erika Knight crochet workshop too - I love the natural-look of the projects. and handstitched home by Caroline Zoob is wonderful. And I LOVE the Kirstie Allsop books.

  8. Hi Marianne, I have seen cute and easy crochet 3 times amongst my friends within the last month and I don't have it! I have Cath Kidston patch and I love that for recycling fabrics. My favourite sewing one is definitely Sew serendipity for skirts and clothes. I don't have a nice crochet one so I'm off to have a look... Jo x

  9. I too absolutely love crafty books, much more than I enjoy magazines. I haven't got a great deal, but my fave's are most definitely Nicky Trench Cute and Easy and Granny Squares. There are many others that I like, but they are more for looking at. I have so many on my wish list. I couldn't agree more on the fact that authors generally use expensive fabric, so unnecessary. xoxo

  10. Hi Ladybird like you I adore craft books and have way too too many. I love the Granny Squares book so this might be one to look out for. I also love Nicky Trench and her crochet book is a must and Debbie Bliss. I am also a huge fan of Debbie Abrahams who got me back into knitting years ago and I have made quite a few of her cushions and a throw - she works a lot with beads which is so much fun. A fab post as always Ladybird and gorgeous photographs. Thanks so much
    Lots of love

  11. I just went on a bit of a buying spree for some beautiful knitting books, I love to look at them all the time. I am looking forward to the Mollie Makes book, Granny Squares by Sue Pinner will be released here in September, I also have my eye on Exquisite Feminine Knits, it has a skirt I would love to try.

  12. I have just been and had a look how many craft books I have got and have to say its far more than I thought I had. Maybe we should all do a post about our craft books? I cant resist them full of gorgeousness.

  13. I see a lot of my books there! I love a crafty book too. I've noticed my amazon wish list is full of them too!
    I haven't treated myself recently to a new book maybe its time to!
    I also love the library for craft books too...I had the hip crochet from there and enjoyed the cute colourful projects x

  14. Ooh a few the same. I try to get them out of the library first as sometimes I buy them and then find I only want to make 1 or 2 things from them, craft books can be surprisingly deceptive! Next for me are Vantastic and Homemade Glamping which both look good. I usually end up blog inspired though so forget that my books are there!!!

  15. I am a sucker when it comes to crochet books, I love them all and find I have to restrain myself when it comes to buying. A couple of my favourites are by a lady called Edie Eckman, the first is ,"Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs" and the second is "Connect the Shapes"
    I think I have a love for motifs, that's what attracted me.

    Sally xxx

  16. Cute basket, and what a lovely book collection. I see there's still some space on the shelf for some more.
    S xx

  17. Oh what a lovely collection you have Marianne - I spot a couple there that are also on my shelf, and I've been eyeing off 'Hip Crochet' and 'Cute and Easy' but have bought a few embroidery publications recently so have to wait a wee while - maybe!!! Anyway, instead of listing mine off I think I'll take a pic of them for my next post, and thanks so much for the idea!
    I do love the little pot you crocheted - that's very cute and handy!
    Joy x

  18. He he your collection looks strangely identical to mine..... I love and adore my crafty books👓❤just found you so happy to be your newest follower x

  19. I was fortunate enough to be nominated for a Liebster Award last week - and now I nominate you! Read my blog post http://lovenatalieuk.blogspot.co.uk/ to see how it works x

  20. You have a great collection of books, my craft books are all over the place and I have a few copies of simply crochet magazine...like you I buy magazines if I see something in them that I like!

    I have Hip Crochet, which I won in a giveaway from gillymakes :)It is a great little book (though I am very guilty for looking through them, but not actually using them).

  21. Drooooling at all your crafty books!

  22. Uaaaah! How much I love reading such posts! We could shake hands. Welcome to the crafty books lover club. We have so much in common.
    I basically buy crafty books every month. I'm just addicted to them. I love collecting them, reading through them, looking at them. Some I use now, some need to "mature" a bit for me ;)

    I can see that we share some of the books - Kirstie Allsop "Craft", The Sewing book from DK (I just love their books!), The knitter's bible, Christmas crafting in no Time by Clare Youngs (also love her books), the tilda books and probably some others ;)
    Amazon is such a precious source of crafty books for me :)

    I'm keeping my eye on Cath Kidston and Ros Badger's books now :)Very intrigued. Mollie Makes Crochet is apparently on its way to me now so I'm expecting it to arrive any day. The Book Depository sells it. I'd love to have other "Mollie makes" books too!
    And have you heard of Arne and Carlos books? They are releasing their new book about knitting and crochet and cross stitch in September. Lots of lovely yarn projects with a Nordic feel. "Knit and Crochet Garden"

    My choice of craft books is so much varied but my favourite ones are those Scandinavian-themed :)

    Your bookshelf just looks great <3

  23. Hello Marianne, I also have the Cute and Easy Crochet book some of your others look very interesting too. I Just wish I had more time just to do all my crafts.. vbg Your crochet bowls are very pretty. Hugs Judy

  24. Your crafty books shelf looks remarkably similar to mine :-)
    I LOVE Cute & Easy Crochet too - I'm crocheting my way through it!
    I'm a bit of a magazine addict, I'm afraid - but we do share them amongst a group of crafty friends so it shares the expense too.
    love Gilly xx

  25. I much prefer books to magazines too and have quite a lot of the ones you have! Granny Chic is my current favourite! May have to take a trip to Amazon to check out some of the others you have xx

  26. I'm a crafty-book bookwork too! I counted that we have 8 craft books in common. We obviously have good taste in such things! :-)

  27. I got a surprise from the postman ths morning - Cute n' Easy Crochet with Flowers! It's been published! Email me when you get your copy and we can plan a CAL... Chrissie x

    1. Oh fantastic! When I read your comment, I went straight onto amazon and ordered a copy so hopefully it will be here soon. CAL would be great! Yip, I will email you when I receive my copy and we can make plans...
      Marianne xxx

  28. Stitch dictionaries are what float my boat ... I could over my knitting stitch dictionaries all day :)

  29. What a collection! I don't think I could recommend you any as it looks like you have all the books I have. Actually, now I think about it, I am really loving Susan Pinner's Granny Squares lately, the patterns in it are fabulous. x

  30. Love love love your book collection, it looks like mine :) Cute & Easy Crochet flowers looks like another good addition!

    I see others have too but I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award :) http://nicoleandthebee.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/liebster-awards.html x


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