Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long


Hello! And apologies for the lateness of this weeks CAL post...I have been working the past two days and am only just getting a chance to do a little blogging.

To be honest, I haven't had a lot of time for crochet or any crafting this week as I was working all weekend too and unfortunately, the couple of days off I had were mainly filled with household chores!

Anyway...I am still making my appliqué blanket which I talked about here. The applique part is now finished and I have been adding a pretty little crochet border using some nice soft green cotton DK my lovely mum gave me. It was so very nearly finished....but I ran out of yarn! I will have to purchase some more really soon because my Miss M is keen for me to finish this little project as she has her eye on it!


What crochet have you been working on this week? As always, just leave a little note in the comments if you would like me to add a link to your post here.


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  1. I love the crochet border and the colour. Can't wait to see the finished blanket!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Marion x

  2. Loving the look of that pretty green crochet border - there is something so cheery about crochet-edged fabric!
    Hope you manage to find some time to relax and do a bit of crochet this weekend!
    Gill xx

  3. Hi Marianne hope you have some me time now and are able to catch up with your lovely crafts. Your edging looks lovely x

  4. The border is very pretty I'm looking forward to seeing the finished blanket
    Clare xx

  5. That is a lovely border. I've been edging a couple of washcloths and trying out some different styles and this one is lovely.

  6. What a beautiful border, can't wait to see it all laid out!
    I've been working on several things this past week, A hexagon blanket, potholders, bunny dresses for my spring bunnies(which I will be posting about soon). I don't mind sharing if you would like to add another link to your list!

  7. This border of green really sets of your blanket, the edging is one I have not seen very you not had chance for much crochet but im on it this week x

  8. Love the crochet edging and looking forward to seeing your blanket finished. Have a lovely weekend. Julie x

  9. These daughters snapping up our projects! Nice to know we have fans hehe. Sorry to hear you've been so busy. Hope you manage to have a quieter weekend xx

  10. Hi Marianne, the green border is lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. I've got a bee in my bonnet about flowers in granny squares at the moment. Have a lovely weekend, hope you have time to unwind with some crochet.
    Jane xx

  11. I like your edging, very pretty! I hope that the weekend is a bit less busy for you and that you have a good time whatever you are or are not doing! xx

    1. Hi Marianne, sorry, didn't have my link before!

  12. Very pretty edging, no wonder your little one has her eye on it! Hope you find the yarn quickly and finish this lovely blanket! Enjoy the weekend, hope you get a little more time! Chrissie xxx

  13. So that's why you were collecting pictures of edging on Pinterest! I'm really into pink and green combinations at the moment so I love your choices. x

  14. Hello Lovely Marianne I love the colours of your work and cannot wait to see it all together. After finishing the hot water bottle cover I am keen to start something new soon - however work keeps getting in the way! I am thinking of a blanket but not sure my crochet is up to this yet. Have a lovely weekend Marianne and try and have some rest if you can. Big hug Marianne, lots of love

  15. I love that edging - I really need to learn how to do something like it.
    This is me if anyone wants to take a look at whats on my hook this week. :)

  16. No crochet for me either. My weeks sounds like yours! The crochet edge to your pillow looks lovely!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  17. Great edging Marianne. I am on the border of my blanket now so there is much excitement here. Jo x

  18. Love your pretty crochet edging! Hope you have a lovely weekend, with time to relax after your busy week.
    Helen xx

  19. What a beautiful green edging Marianne - you'd better find that yarn quickly and keep little Miss M happy; I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project! I hope you can have a few restful days, hugs, Joy xo

  20. Oh that is my favorite shade of green. I can't wait too see it all finished.

  21. That edging is looking really nice. Hope you can find some nice and relaxing time this weekend :)

    Lluisa xx

  22. It sounds like you've been super busy. I hope this weekend at work is kind to you. I love what you've done with the edging of this blanket it is going to look lively finished. So annoying when we run out if yarn. Sending much love xxx

  23. It's so pretty! I love crochet edgings. I really love the color you're using. I'm crocheting some flowery squares lately, but slowly. I'm trying to stop rushing my projects and savor them more.

  24. I just love the colour of that edging. I added a crochet edge to some towels last year and it held up remarkably well, all things considered. x


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