Friday 25 March 2016

Easter makes and bakes

I really enjoy making things for Easter and my little Miss does too.

I crocheted a little bunny hat for my baby nephew using a pattern I found on the Repeat Crafterme blog. Such a sweet wee pattern and I was delighted with how it turned out...hopefully it will look even cuter on my nephew's wee head! I love making baby things, especially quick projects like this one and babies tend to look really cute in funny hats don't they?!

We made little Easter nests at Brownies this week...I love that I get to do these kinds of crafts with the girls and they like having something cute to take home. I remember making something similar to this wee nest when I was a brownie myself. 

I crocheted some little baskets to put chocolate eggs in and used them as table decorations last week when we had my parents and gran over for dinner. The idea was that everyone could take their little basket of chocolate eggs away with them...I think G and my dad ate most of theirs straight after the main course though!

For the same dinner, Miss M and I made a chocolate cake which she then decorated with lots of mini eggs, chickens and bunnies. Can you spot the little Harry Potter chick?! Little Miss is a massive HP fan and so the little 'Harry' chick was given pride of place in the middle of the cake!

I'm looking forward to hopefully getting time to work on a new crochet project and of course eat some (lots) of chocolate during this long weekend. 

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break!


PS. Thank you for the lovely comments on my V stitch blanket :)


  1. Harry looks so cute. As ever you have been busy .the little one had decorated the cake beautifully. Happy Easter Marianne.

  2. I love the baby hat, what a delight. I wish I had seen it sooner it would have been perfect for my two new Grandbabies for Easter. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, the cake looks delicious.

  3. Those little baskets are perfect. Happy Easter Marianne.

  4. I bet your nephew will look adorable in that hat. Love the Harry Potter chick too! xx

  5. The bunny hat is so cute! It can be fun to dress them up when they can't object.
    Your Easter decorations look lovely. The most I've done this year is crochet eggs for a little Easter tree. X

  6. Looks like you are all ready to go. I love all of your Easter crochet.
    Happy Easter,

  7. The bunny hat is so sweet - wish my daughter was still little enough to wear one! The cake looks amazing too and making my tummy rumble! Happy Easter Marianne. x

  8. Very sweet and very cute!!!!
    Happy Easter, my beloved Ladybird!!!!

  9. Such sweet and colourful Easter crochet! Like you, I love the colours and decorations at this time of year. Happy Easter Monday!
    Helen xox

  10. Hi LOVE your gorgeous Easter makes,those lil crochet baskets are soooo adorable,yumeeee cake.I love Easter too.Happy Week.xx

  11. I hope you had a good Easter with your family, Marianne. That bunny hat is just adorable! I bet the baby looked so sweet wearing it. I had some bunny ears for my babies' first Easters and I wish now that I'd been better at crocheting back then so I could have done hats like that. So cute. Take care and have a good week!

  12. Looks like you had a lovely Easter and put a lot of effort into it, the little hat is lovely and beautifully made.

  13. So many lovely makes, your baskets and cake look great! I think that even though 2 sons are at University I may have to make Easter baskets for them for next year.
    Caz xx

  14. What a lovely idea, to give all your guests an Easter basket. Your Easter table must have looked very pretty and inviting X


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