Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brown paper packages tied up with string...

Recently on blogs, Pinterest and the Internet in general, I have seen lots of different ideas for wrapping gifts. I think it's especially nice when gifts are wrapped in brown paper with some pretty embellishments. I have had quite a few gifts to give recently - birthdays, house warming and thank you gifts - and decided to try out a few ideas...

Pretty ribbon and a little crochet flower...

Doily, felt heart, pretty button and pink string...

Bright pink ribbon and a little button...


Doily, felt flower, stripy pink string and a little ribboned tag...

I like wrapping gifts like this, it's fun adding on all the pretty little extras to make them look nice.

Thank you for for the lovely birthday wishes! They really made me smile :)

Back soon with some crochet...




  1. Great idea. I would be delighted to receive a gift like that. Wouldn't want to unwrap it x

  2. I'm in love with all of those. I had a brilliant present wrapped in pages glued together from an old dictionary and cross tied with string, it was so simple and effective. I'm going for the green! Jo x


  3. I've seen presents wrapped in brown paper too and they always look so stylish. I particularly like the ones with the doilies. x

  4. They're so pretty almost to pretty to open ... Sarah x

  5. I love all of these but especially the colours and crochet in the top one XX

  6. They are too beautiful to open.

  7. Happy belated birthday. Your packages look very pretty :) xx

  8. Just lovely ... the doilies look great ... Bee xx

  9. Great parcels, wrapping with brown paper is fun there is so much that you can do with it.

  10. Very pretty. I always try and use brown paper as it just looks lovely with some fresh flowers and of doilie. Like the crochet flower touch very effective.

  11. I LOVE brown paper packages! :-)
    And these ones are especially pretty! Thanks for the inspiration - I'm going to try to get more creative with my present-wrapping.....

  12. What lovely ideas for wrapping M - you've inspired me to think a bit more about such things, thank you! And thank you also for the lovely message you left on my blog - I am looking forward to catching up on some of your previous posts - they all look so interestingly creative!!! Joy x

  13. Than you for commenting on my blog, Im so pleased to have found you, yours is lovely too

    Laura x

  14. Lovely ideas here. I always use brown paper for everything I wrap, and I've found washi tape is fun to use too. I like the doilies. x

  15. I have recently started using brown paper for gifts as I love using ribbon or yarn to wrap around the gifts :) feels so creative.


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