Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Crochet in progress

Since I learned to crochet at the end of last year, it really has become one of my favourite crafts! I just love it. I have quite a few WIPs on the go just now...

A giant granny blanket for Miss M. So simple and relaxing to do. After finishing my first granny blanket I couldn't wait to start another and I just know I will be making many more of these....

Roses are red...

Granny squares using yarn leftover from other projects. These are for a baby blanket...

Sweet little colourful flowers...

Lots of things to keep me busy, just the way I like it!




  1. i love crochet too...very relaxing. love those red roses...and all the pretty colours you're using.
    mezz x

  2. Hooking is my best friend. It calms,relaxes and sweetens my days. Loving your colour palettes x

  3. Lovely WIPs. The roses are so pretty x

  4. Very pretty! I love to crochet too. Your yarns look really nice.

  5. Beautiful crochet makes, I love the soft pastel shades, especially the baby blanket colours.

  6. I love your new blanket ... the colours are just lovely ... Bee xx

  7. What pretty colours, I love the pink colour in your blanket :) xx

  8. Lovely colours! I love crocheting - it's definitely addictive. I always have a load of project running at the same time. I keep telling myself I'm going to learn knitting next, but there's so much to crocheting still left to learn (and so little time...).



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