Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Weekend

Lovely Easter flowers given to me by my mum and dad...

A cup of tea and a chocolate crispy nest cake made by Miss M and my nieces...

A tray of very fresh eggs bought from the local farm shop...

Four of those same eggs dipped in food colouring to make pretty pastel coloured eggs for rolling. We took them to the beach and rolled them at the top of the hill...

A special Easter breakfast for Miss M...

Easter treats for Miss M...

Chicken pie for tea...

With hot cross bun bread and butter pudding for afters...

What a busy weekend! Our little Easter party on Friday went well and luckily the weather held out and we were able to have the egg hunt in the garden. Miss M also took part in a bunny hunt at a local garden centre yesterday, which she enjoyed very much! A lovely weekend and now it's time to unwind with some cross stitch, then an early night as its back to work tomorrow for me... Happy Easter to everyone, hope you have had a lovely weekend whatever you were doing. Many thanks as ever for the lovely comments on my last post. Back soon...






  1. Thank you so much for popping over to Chalkys and leaving such a lovely comment. We both look as if we have had a very special Easter. That Bun Bread and Butter Pudding looks amazing. So glad your daughter had a lovely time. Sorry you have to go back to work so soon

  2. ooh hot cross bun bread and butter pudding - sounds fabulous!

  3. Lovely! I really enjoyed your photos. It looks like you had a very nice Easter.

  4. Mmm, the hot cross bun pudding looks amazing - they're my favourites and I pretty much eat them all year round! x

  5. hi,

    Just wanted to say Happy Easter and to also let you know that I really love visiting your blog! It's always so pretty and cheerful!

    Mezz x

  6. Oh wow! Hot Cross Bun pudding looks really yummy! Same here for me with going back to work, but next week it is my turn for a week's break (hopefully the weather will be better by then!). Take care. Chel x

  7. Looks like you've had a very tasty Easter! :) x

  8. Lovely Easter photos - you've mad me really hungry now!

  9. Looks like you had a lovely Easter ... love the little egg cosy ... Bee xx

  10. Looks like you have had a loooovely time ... our weekend was very chocolate based, in fact my son actually turned down chocolate this evening, I have never experienced that before!!!

  11. So glad you left a comment on mine so that I found your blog!
    Looks like you've all had lovely Easter celebrations,with lots of eggs both real and chocolately, as well as lots of lovely food!
    Look forward to my next visit.
    Gill xx

  12. It looks as if you had a really wonderful Easter! Loved all your photos! I have never tried hot cross bun pudding but it looks delicious!
    Helen x

  13. Brilliant Easter pictures, I love your Hot Cross Bread and Butter pudding, my mouth is watering at the thought of it.


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