Thursday 13 June 2013

Tea Cosy Pattern

In a blog post a few weeks ago, I included a photo with a tea cosy in it which I made last year. I had a few really nice comments about it and so thought I would include the pattern here, in case anyone would like to knit their own...

To make the tea cosy I adapted a couple of patterns I had to get the effect I wanted and to fit the teapot I have. Apologies if this post is overly long, I have never written a pattern out for anyone but myself before!

Tea Cosy Pattern ( Fits a standard 4 cup teapot)


Approx 100g Aran weight yarn (I used Sirdar Supersoft Aran)

6mm & 3mm knitting needles

Oddments of DK weight yarn for flowers


K - knit M1 - make one (instructions here) Psso - pass slipped stitch over

K2tog - knit 2 stitches together

Directions for main part of tea cosy (make 2 pieces the same)

Use the yarn doubled throughout ( to make the tea cosy nice and thick, and well, cosy!). Knit in garter stitch throughout.

* Using 6mm needles and Aran weight yarn (doubled), cast on 24 stitches.

* Rows 1-4 - garter stitch

* Row 5 - K1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, K1 (26 stitches)

* Row 6 - garter stitch

* Row 7 - K1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, K1 (28 stitches)

* Row 8 - garter stitch

* Row 9 - K1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, K1 (30 stitches)

* Row 10 - garter stitch

* Rows 11-22 - knit in garter stitch without shaping

* Row 23 - K1, slip 1, K1, Psso, knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1 (28 stitches)

* Row 24 - garter stitch

* Row 25 - K1, slip 1, K1, Psso, knit to last 3 stitches, K2 tog, K1 (26 stitches)

* Row 26 - garter stitch

* Row 27-36 - knit in garter stitch without shaping

* Row 37 - K2tog x 3, knit to last 6 stitches, K2tog x 3 (20 stitches)

* Row 38 - garter stitch

* Row 39 - K2 tog x 3, knit to last 6 stitches, K2 tog x 3 (14 stitches)

* Knit 3 rows in garter stitch without shaping

* Cast off remaining 14 stitches

Flowers (I made twelve)

* Using 3mm needles and DK yarn, cast on 60 stitches

* Row 1 - garter stitch to end

* Row 2 - K1, cast off 8, repeat to end until there are 12 stitches left on the needle

* Break off the yarn leaving a long tail, thread through the 12 stitches and pull up tightly, then secure and

stitch in place to make a flower.

Making Up/ Finishing

Block the 2 pieces of the tea cosy and spray the flowers with some spray starch and leave to dry.

Using mattress stitch, sew the 2 top pieces together along each cast off edge.

Sew the sides of the cosy, leaving a space of approximately 11cm open for the handle and 8cm open for the spout.

Pin the flowers to the top of the cosy and sew securely in place.


I hope the pattern is okay, I have checked it a few times but if anyone does decide to knit one and finds a problem with it just let me know, and I will amend it! Happy knitting...






  1. It's sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing the pattern :-)

  2. W beautiful tea cosy, I love the flowers. thank you for sharing the pattern.

  3. Lovely teacosy. Another to add to my long list though I still haven't made the Nikki Trench one yet and I have all the yarn for it! x

  4. So pretty I wish my crocheting was up to it :) x

  5. Such a pretty cosy and the colours of the flowers are just gorgeous - how good of you to share your pattern, thank you!
    Joy x

  6. Love the tea cosy. I'm not hugely confident with knitting but I've just read through and I think I could do that. Your way of explaining really worked for me. I shall add it to my list of projects Thank you for sharing x

  7. Its very pretty and I love how it is mainly garter stitch too ~ Thanks so much for sharing :O)x

  8. I've crocheted the Nikki Trench tea cosy for my grandma, and I love your knitted one! Is it very different from crocheting? I've only done basic knitting, like a scarf, but I wonder if I could manage a pretty home accessory like this. Thanks for the pattern!

  9. Thanks for sharing your pattern - it's lovely! Julie x

  10. It's so if only I knew how to "knit"! Shari ")

  11. Well, you've done it again, brilliant! :) x

  12. Very pretty!! I love it. Would you be so kind to maybe link up this pattern to my link party?
    Thanks in advance and have a great day!

  13. hi there! id love to try this, but im still a beginner, do you think its too hard for a novice??x

  14. Well done you for writing out your first pattern, it looks very well written. The tea cosy is so gorgeous, I might have to give this a try one day when I get my head around knitting!! xoxo

  15. It's so pretty. It makes me wish I knew how to knit!

  16. Wonderful project, fun colors and pattern.

    Regards diane

  17. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us. It's such a sweet tea cosy. x

  18. Super cute tea cosy, thanks for sharing the pattern.x
    Clare x

  19. It is a very sweet cozy, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

  20. Lovely cosy, will add it to my never ending project list! I love all your crochet in the previous posts too - I so can't seem to master it! Thank you for your comments on my blog, I know I will be back for more crafty inspiration xxx

  21. Okay ~ this is just way too cute!
    Love your blog :)))

  22. I love, love, love it. Makes a simple cup of tea into an occasion.

    S xx

  23. I'm not a knitter but that is still a cute tea cosy :)

  24. I can't knit - but it looks lovely!

  25. Love this tea cosy i'm not a great knitter but found this easy to do very happy.


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