Monday, 14 January 2013

A birthday

It is Miss M's birthday today! Being one of the last children in her class to turn six, it was a long awaited birthday! We held a wee birthday tea yesterday for which I made the cake above. The recipe was from Mary Berry and as it's the birthday girl's favourite cake, I've had plenty of practice of making it. Today she enjoyed taking some fairy cakes to school to share with her classmates and sweeties to share with her fellow Rainbows tonight. I'm also happy to report that she proudly wore the birthday badge I made her at school all day today and also has it pinned on her rainbow uniform tonight!

I've just finished the two appliqué cushions above which I loved doing. I just love hand sewing, it's my absolute favourite thing to do.

This past week or so I've also picked up my cross stitch again. I hadn't done any cross stitch for a few months as had been busy making other things for Christmas and birthday presents in November and December. I'm working on the design above, it's from Cross Stitcher magazine issue 252 (May 2012). I think it's going to take me quite a long time to complete because as usual I have lots of other crafty bits I'm doing as well! Anyway, when I do finish it I plan to have it framed and hang it up in the kitchen where there is a perfect space on the wall just waiting to be filled.....





  1. Love the cake - my girl turned 6 in December and we had a chocolate cake with smarties too! Your appliequed cushions are lovely. I also love hand sewing, I find it really relaxing.

    Gillian x

    1. Gillian, thank you for your lovely comment. My first one...!
      M xxx


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