Monday, 21 January 2013

Crafting for girls




With G away this weekend it was just us girls at home. The weather was cold, grey and generally miserable and Miss M announced that she would like to "stay in and craft all weekend Mummy!" Well that was fine with me! We made some little ribbon bracelets which you can see in the top photograph. These came in a little kit received at Christmas, they were quick to do and look really sweet. We also made some more thank you cards (we seem to have been doing this for ages as we had quite a few to do with Miss M's birthday being so soon after Christmas). This time we did some potato printing to make ladybird cards. Finally we made salt dough! This was lots of fun and Miss M loved making this. The recipe for it came from Custard and Crayons with Polly and Jago (here), a lovely children's craft book which she got as a birthday gift. We made lots of salt dough hearts which I dried off in the microwave instead of the oven as it takes around 3 hours in the oven and only 4 minutes per batch in the microwave (6 year olds are not usually known for their patience and mine is no different!). Miss M then painted them and I helped her thread them with some embroidery thread to make little hanging loops. The one you can see in the last photograph above she made for me and the rest she has squirrelled away in her school bag to give to her friends.


Luckily I still managed to fit in some crafting of my own! I finished knitting the baby blanket on Saturday and now it just needs it's nice crochet edging (and pinned and blocked!). I also started knitting my scarf with my new yarn which is so lovely to knit with. I enjoyed working on it with a nice glass of cold rose wine last night...




  1. Love the ladybird potato prints. I've never done potato printing, isn't that terrible? I'll need to get some more potatoes first though after roasting and scoffing all ours last night...

  2. What a lovely blog you have got - thank you for commenting on mine :)

    Blogger won't let me follow you publicly - says I follow to many - however I have now added you to my reading list and will be back again soon xx

  3. Knitting and wine - lovely! I love crafting with my girl, who is 6 - she is keen and full of ideas. But my son, who's 3, is not so keen. I need to work on him!

    Gillian x


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