Saturday, 12 January 2013


I made this little jar last night especially to hold all my crochet hooks. It's a Bonne Maman jam jar (I love these jars and have lots that I can't bear to throw away) which I covered in scraps of fabrics and finished off with a wee stitched heart. I just loved making this and am pleased with how it turned out. This little project came from the book Granny Chic by Tif Fussell and Rachelle Blondel and is called " a handy dandy fabric jar". Granny Chic has lots of nice ideas in it and I'm planning to have a go at "a granny stitched tea cosy" next.

Today Miss M and I were busy making top hats (marshmallows dipped in chocolate and topped with a smartie) for her little birthday tea tomorrow. Then we felt like a little sewing so we made a couple of little mice finger puppets. Meet Mr and Mrs Bun Mouse (?!)

We spent about an hour making these and after I had cut out the shapes, Miss M was able to mostly make these on her own with just a tiny bit of help from me. The instructions for these little mice can be found in a lovely book called Super Cute Felt by Laura Howard. Mr and Mrs Bun Mouse have been well played with so far and have been chased by numerous toy cats already!

Now my little crafty friend is in bed, I'm working on the baby blanket I started a few days ago and also planning some wrist warmers to go with my new coat bought in the sales....



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