Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Weekend

The weekend is almost over but it's been a nice one - a mixture of doing things at home and getting out and about as well.

Baking (and eating) lemon drizzle cake...

Miss M and I doing some mosaic pictures together...

A lovely long walk along the beach. Miss M was so excited when we saw a couple of horses trotting along the sand...


We had a "sausage sizzle" on the beach! I have told Miss M lots of times about having a sausage sizzle on the beach when I was a brownie guide and she has been desperate to have one ever since! G is very proud of his little stove which you can see in the upper photograph - it is a pinhead oatmeal tin with a piece cut out of the front and he made it to use on his camping trips. Bear Grylls eat your heart out! I have to say though, it worked a treat and the sausages were delicious!

We kept walking along the beach until we got to the next nearest town (around 5 miles), then got the train back home...

Miss M had filled her little backpack with shells and pebbles (she is a kind sort though and let Daddy carry it home!) and we all decided that this little pebble was the prettiest.

I also spent some time happily working on my spring granny blanket which I am just in love with and am honestly enjoying every stitch. So, time to look to the week ahead which is going to be a busy one although I will definately manage to fit in some more crochet and crafting! Thank you, thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, they are very much appreciated :)




  1. You have a lovely blog!
    The cake looks delicious and sausages on the beach- one of my favourite things to do. I look forward to seeing the progress with your granny blanket x

  2. Oh the beach walk sounds perfect - one of my spring plans is to visit the coast. And I love the idea of open-air sausages :-)

  3. Sounds a lovely walk and weekend :) Here's to many more beach sausage sizzles :)

  4. Sounds like a really great day ... and the little stove is ingenious ... Bee xx

  5. Such a lovely weekend you have had - lemon drizzle is a family favourite here.

  6. Those sausages look delicious, what a great idea for a cold beachy walk. Yum.

  7. Your weekend sounds wonderful - a cold beach walk and a sausage sizzle - how marvellous!

    Gillian x

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend, I like the look of that cake.

  9. Our weekend looked really .... Perfect


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