Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day in the UK. I was over the moon to find this little card and gift waiting for me on the kitchen table before I left for work this morning:


A sweet card made for me by Miss M. I love it so much...

Beautiful hyacinth bulbs in a sweet little plant holder. I think these will be so pretty when they come out, I just love hyacinths. I was so pleased with my little card and gift which Miss M chose especially for me. At work today we had tea and cake together in the afternoon as a little Mother's Day celebration which was lovely too.

Because I was working all day today, I didn't see my own mum so I gave her her gifts on Friday. My lovely mum is another crafty soul, she is always cooking, making and baking. It was mum who taught me to knit and sew and she always has lots of great recipes to share. Luckily, mum loves handmade gifts and I absolutely loved making these gifts for her:


Two appliquéd cushions, in colours to match her living room...

A simple handmade card...



Chocolate and coconut marshmallows. Mum loves marshmallows...

I'm happy to say that mum was pleased with her gifts and I enjoyed making them so much.

I have a few days off work now so I'm looking forward to doing some more crochet, cross stitch and baking. Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday, whatever you were up to. Also thank you for all the lovely comments recently and welcome to my new readers and followers, it makes me so happy that you stop by...




  1. It sounds as though your Mother's Day was wonderful. I love all the gifts you made for your Mum. The cushion is beautiful! Have a lovely week. Chel x

  2. so glad you had a lovely weekend - special mum, special daughter what more can we ask for.
    Sue x

  3. What a special card and thoughtful gift. I love the cushions you made for your mum, so pretty :) xx

  4. Lovely. I'm so glad that, even though you were working, you had a nice day. That cushion you made your mum is so pretty.

    Gillian x

  5. what lovely gifts. those marshmallows look fab - did you make them yourself?

    Nikki x

    1. Hi, no I bought the marshmallows and then just dipped them in melted chocolate and then in coconut.
      Marianne xxx

  6. Your Mother's Day card is so lovely - I miss the days when my daughter gave me handmade cards. And those marshmallow mushrooms look divine and I'm not even that keen on coconut! I also spy another jug I think we have in common :-) x

  7. Oh how sweet, these are lovely gifts and on time too - you put me to shame, I was a total failure this weekend - not only did I manage to forget to post my mum's card until saturday afternoon, but I also forgot to call my niece on her 3rd birthday and the present I ordered her arrived too late for me to get it to her on time too - big fat fail!!! I'm not all bad, just forgetful - I'm in the middle of making a sweet little purse for my mum but thought I'd give it her when I see her in a few weeks instead of sending it to her ... I love to see people's faces when I give a gift ...

  8. The marshmallows are a great gift idea! They look adorable! Liefs Else X


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