Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day, and I think anything which encourages children to read and enjoy books is definately a good thing. Miss M's school are having lots of activities relating to World Book Day today and the children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite character from a book.

After much deliberation, we settled on this one...

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi was one of my absolute favourite characters as a child and I loved reading about all her adventures. Miss M and I have been enjoying reading the book above together and decided that Pippi would be a pretty good (and simple!) character to dress up as today.

So, her outfit then... From the book..."Her dress was quite odd. Pippi had made it herself. It was supposed to have been blue, but there hadn't been enough blue material, so Pippi had decided to sew on little red patches here and there. On her long, thin legs, she wore long stockings, one of them brown, the other black. And she wore black shoes that were exactly twice the length of her feet"

Miss M had a navy pinafore that was too short, so I sewed on some little red and white spotty patches. I made a little badge too - this one was the second one I made as Miss M had said the first one "doesn't look like Pippi made it Mum!" So I was instructed to make another one that looked as if it had been made by a quirky nine year old girl!

Pippi also had a little African monkey called Mr Nilsson. Here is above (excuse the wonky mouth, I had a bit of trouble with that bit!), about to enjoy some bananas. Tutorial can be found here, if you feel the need to make your own Mr Nilsson...

Here is Miss M all dressed up as Miss Pippi Longstocking! On the way into school this morning we saw Angelina Ballerina, Winnie the Witch, Batman, Darth Vader, The Highway Rat, Snow White, Spider-Man and various fairies, princesses and pirates! Lots of fun!

Now I have to think up a costume for next Friday as for Comic Relief the theme is Red Nose Day Rockers?!! I better get my thinking cap on, any suggestions will be most welcome!




  1. This is my daughters absolute favourite at the moment, love the little outfit you've put together! :) x

  2. I love the outfit. Miss M looks fab! And Mr Nilsson is so cute. I agree with you that World Book Day is a great chance to encourage children to read. There is such magic in books.

  3. Great costume - she looks very sweet!

  4. What a lovely little Pippi ... can't wait to read the stories to my little girl ... it was one of my favourites too ... Bee xx

  5. Fab costume. I am a school librarian in NZ and I had no idea it was world book day!! I will remember for next year!

  6. I love the costume and monkey! I also think it's great to celebrate World Book Day and encourage reading but, I have to confess, I'm glad it wasn't around when my daughter was at school so I didn't have the effort of trying to make costumes! x

  7. Brillint! Love the costume and the monkey, she looks fabulous. I bet she had so much fun. x


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