Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter Preparations

Over the past week or so, we have been making some little Easter preparations...

Bunnies and chicks have made an appearance...

Chocolate eggs have been bought and one or two have made an appearance in Miss M's packed lunch this week, much to her delight...

Easter Hama bead fun...

Easter colouring...

A couple of little bunnies, made from a fleece scarf bought in Poundland! Miss M has enjoyed playing with these very much. Pattern and tutorial can be found here.

We have also been making plans for a little Easter party for Miss M and 5 of her friends on Friday - we are planning to do some Easter crafts and have an egg hunt in the garden (weather permitting!). She is very very excited about this!

I also have a couple of new little crafty projects on the go but time spent on these will be a little limited with the school Easter holidays over the next few weeks, although I'm sure I will be able to slot in some crafty time somewhere!





  1. Oh!!! Lovely things again. I love the bunnies. I hope the weather stays nice and have a wonderful Easter x

  2. You have made some lovely things. I hope that the weather is fine enough to have the egg hunt. Hope that you have a good one!
    Jille xx

  3. Lovely! ... the little bunnies are adorable and ingenious ... a Poundland scarf ... you are clever ... Bee xx

  4. Lots of lovely crafts there and I really like your pink tea cosy - must get on with making the one in the Nikki Trench book - I've had the yarn over a year! But I'm so frustrated to see your colouring book! I raced round town the other day looking for something flat and postable (sticker books, magazines etc) and really struggled to find anything. I ended up with some M&S stickers and paper chain papers...from Poundland! x

    1. Thank you! I got the colouring book in The Works...
      Marianne xxxx

  5. So busy, lots of lovely Easter goodness. Have a lovely party on Friday, hope the sun shines for your egg hunt :) xx

  6. What a cute things you've made! Liefs Else X

  7. I love your Easter makes. So cute and cheery. Have a lovely holiday.

  8. Beautiful Easter makes. I love the little rabbits, enjoy your party on Friday, and hope the sun shines.

  9. The little bunnies are so sweet! Have a lovely easter

    Elisabeth x

  10. You look all set for Easter - have a good one!

  11. So much Easter-related fun! :-)
    Hope the Easter Bunny finds you on Sunday.....

  12. Lovely Easter fun! Great photos, it's all looking very colourful and a very happy home, love the fleecy bunnies! X

  13. Your Easter hama beads are brilliant! I love them. I too have been sneaking mini-eggs in with the raisins in my daughter's lunch box - so much fun imagining her face when she realises there is chocolate in with the boring old dried fruit!

    Gillian x

  14. cute bunnies!

    looks like ur having a very crafty and sweet easter...

    mezz x

  15. Oh, what cute little bunnies!
    I hope you have a lovely Easter, and that the weather was permitting for the Easter egg hunt.



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