Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Weekend at Home

Yesterday we had a very lazy day and spent lots of time in the garden making the most of the sunshine. Today G has gone off to do this and Miss M is with a little friend and her family for a picnic, but for me, this weekend has been spent at home doing some of my favourite things - baking, crochet, knitting and drinking tea! And after a very busy week, I have thoroughly enjoyed it...

Baking rhubarb and orange cake on Friday night. G and I both love rhubarb and he declared this cake to be "gorgeous"! High praise indeed...

Pretty flowers from G yesterday, maybe it was because of the rhubarb cake...

Knitting in the sun yesterday whilst sitting on the bench in the garden...

My little knitted squares for the ice cream blanket are steadily increasing in number...

Making daisy chain bracelets with Miss M yesterday...

Enjoying a glass of elderflower champagne (made by G last year) yesterday evening and a little crochet...

Pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast this morning...

I still have another hour before Miss M comes home so I am planning to work on a little neglected crochet project and enjoy another cup of tea. A weekend spent at home can be very pleasant indeed!




  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend. You rhubarb and orange looks so tempting, and pancakes and syrup yummy, thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. What a lovely weekend. Your cake looks delicious and so many fun family activities.

  3. Put on some tea, I will be right over to chat and have a piece of that cake with you.

  4. Sounds just perfect! The elderflower champagne is the cherry (I mean strawberry) on the top! xx

  5. What a lovely way to spend the weekend! That cake looks delicious. Julie x

  6. Champagne and crochet - that photo should be made into a poster! Looks like you are enjoying an excellent weekend, and may the fun continue for your family tomorrow too! Chrissie x

  7. What a lovely, relaxing and creative weekend. Sometimes you don't need to go far to have fun. Even though I hate rhubarb your cake looks very tempting. And isn't it great to be able to sit in the garden now the sun is here!

  8. I love home weekends too ... yours sounds just lovely ... Bee xx

  9. What lovely photos. That cake looks so yummy I may have found a use for my rhubarb in the garden!
    Looks like a lovely relaxing weekend Mx

  10. Your weekend sounds just fab, and that rhubarb cake looks yummy - definitely deserving of flowers! I spy Cute & Easy Crochet book in the background, what project are you working on? I love that book.
    Have a lovely week,

  11. How blissful! Isn't it nice to catch up with oneself!
    Your cake looks delicious and that gerbera is the most beautiful shade of pink - well I think it is a gerbera?
    I hope your week turns out to be as enjoyable as the lovely weekend you just had! Joy x

  12. A perfect weekend, I spy 'Cute and Easy crochet' by Nicki Trench hanging out with your champers, I love that book what are you making?
    Clare x

  13. A relaxing day, and you found time to do your blog too, I'm impressed.

  14. Sounds like my kind of weekend!! Firstly the race looks impressive, something I would have enjoyed in years gone by. Hope G enjoys!! Now for the rhubarb & orange cake, it looks delish!! We love rhubarb in this house and with a fair bit waiting to be used in the garden I would LOVE to know where you got the recipe??? The ice cream blanket is coming along lovely and followed by elderflower champagne, wow! My doh makes beer, but that's it, now he will be sent on a new mission!! Enjoy your last couple of hours of bliss xoxo

  15. I think I might just book one of your weekends very soon x

  16. Elderflower champagne, cake and knitting in the sunshine. All lovely, lovely things. Glad you had a nice weekend. x

  17. That all looks lovely, I need a good rhubarb recipe as we have an abundance of it in the garden this year.

  18. What a lovely looking weekend- the rhubarb cake looks scrummy and I love the pink Gerbera


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