Saturday 14 September 2013

Happy Hour

This afternoon, with Miss M at her grandparents and G at work, I had an hour or so all to myself, with no chores or anything to do! So, I spent that time wisely...


Indulging in a very decadent hot chocolate...



Working on a lovely new crochet project. Using yarn already in my stash, even better...



Making a little corner of the living room look pretty with a little jug of sweet peas from my mum and dad's garden...


All in all, a very enjoyable hour!




  1. Just perfect I would say xx

  2. What a brilliant way to spend perfect hour. Your hot chocolte looks devine, delicious and so mouthwatering.

  3. A lovely way to spend some time alone. Your flowers are beautiful. I have a question about your crochet, do you do chains between the trios on your granny squares, if so, how many stitches? Thanks, Amy xx

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your lovely comment. The project I am working on is a really simple cushion cover pattern from Nicki Trench's Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers (adore this book)! For this pattern there are no chains between the trebles once you get to about round 4 but when you start out and are working the centre of the pattern, there are chains between the stitches here. I don't know if that makes sense or not?! Hopefully it does!
      Marianne x

    2. Thanks Marianne, that makes sense to me. It explains why some of my attempts have been a bit wibbly, I didn't have chains at the start and then added them, perhaps the other way round would have been better. I will keep trying! Amy xx

  4. A perfect way to spend some time, lovely sweet peas
    Clare xx

  5. Lovely way to spend an hour, and such pretty pictures to enjoy the pretty mug filled with marshmallow-y hot chocolate, your lovely new crochet and the gorgeous jug of sweetpeas.
    Helen x

  6. An hour spent like that keeps you going for a long, long time - there's just nothing that compares to a bit of 'me' time. ♥

  7. What a lovely, peaceful hour.

  8. Ladybird how scrumptious your drink looks, could just dive into it now. I do love the colour of your yarn and the design. Your corner is heavenly, I bet it smells wonderful too. A great post as always Ladybird, thank you so much
    Lots of love

  9. Oh Marianne - how naughty are you! Just about as naughty as I'd be were I given the chance! What a drink! And your gorgeous crochet and sweet peas (and roses) are divine - look how the colour matches too! Everything on your posts always looks so light and fresh and I always feel uplifted after a visit to your place, thank you!
    Joy xo

  10. It really is gorgeous vase... and all that crochet!!!!!!!
    There is something about white yarn, but I'm always scared to use it around the children!
    Have a great weekend,

  11. It looks lovely! I'm so glad you had the time to yourself and that you used it for leisure. Your cocoa looks delicious with all those marshmallows and the crochet is so pretty, I love those colors.

  12. It looks and sounds so perfect!! Yum for that delicious hot chocolate, it's the perfect weather for it. Your sweet peas look gorgeous and your corner looks so very pretty!! Enjoy your Sunday lovely Marianne and thank you for your sweet comment at mine xoxo

  13. Your hour to yourself should be a blueprint for all mothers around the world! Love your mug of hot choc...and I bet I can guess what you're crocheting... ;-) Chrissie x

  14. Mmmm, your hot chocolate looks so delicious! Love your little corner too. And I'm so glad you used your hour for yourself and not for housework! x

  15. Mmmmm...that cuppa looks delicious! And I'm sure the quiet time was equally as lovely! Great blog! Thank you for stopping at mine and saying hello. I look forward to reading more of yours! Tania ♥

  16. Oh, what a pretty post! And I recognise that pink spotty jug vase - love it! (You may have noticed I have the same one on my dresser!)
    Maria x

  17. Oh, I wish I hadn't seen that hot chocolate...I am a chocolate addict!

  18. Those sweetpeas are gorgeous, your parents must have a beautiful garden. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it was lovely to have you visit (I can't reach you via email so hope you don't mind me leaving you a message here instead).

  19. Once upon a time, happy hour for me involved cocktails and a bar. But now I think my ultimate happy hour would be the one you've just described. Utterly wonderful, well done for savouring it. x

  20. Oh what a lovely hour or so you had! So nice to get that time when all the chores are done and you can do whatever you want. The new crochet is looking lovely x

  21. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! That cup of hot chocolate looks delicious, especially on such a wet and cold day as today. Love your crochet work!

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  22. Now I am so much older that is my idea of "happy hour' too!!
    bestest to you
    daisy j

  23. Oh dear! I haven't had hot choc with all the trimmings for aaages. But, having seen those photos, I'm going to have to go to the supermarket and buy all the necessaries..... ;-)


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