Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Weekend

This September weekend has been a nice one for us, fairly quiet, but good all the same.

It was a lovely day today so Miss M and I went for a long walk...well I walked, she mainly hopped, skipped and ran...


We picked a little posy of wild flowers to bring home...



We came across some bramble bushes and picked a few of the best ones, not too many, just enough to make an apple and bramble crumble during the week...



I discovered the wonders of washi tape...I love this stuff! I used a little to decorate some candles and tea lights I had bought at a trip to Ikea during the week. I have a couple of them burning at the moment and they are making the house smell so lovely. I adore vanilla candles...



Miss M and I did some simple baking on Saturday morning. We made lemon drizzle cake which is a firm favourite in this house. It has been very much enjoyed with a hot cup of tea or two..



Inspired by lovely Hannapat from the gorgeous Cosmos and Cotton blog, I cut the last of the summer lavender from the garden and have brought it inside to dry. Tied in a pretty bunch of course...


Hope you have all had a nice weekend too? Thank you for the lovely, lovely comments recently, I enjoy reading them so much.




  1. Ah, I love perfect weekends like this, chock full of your favourite things! I need to get some washi tape - those tea lights are too cute! Chrissie x

  2. I love burning candles especially at this time of year. I had a spicy christmas cheer one lit this morning! Lots of prettiness in this post X

  3. Spooky, we went to the woods and picked blackberries for an apple and blackberry crumble that we had tonight! X

  4. Your weekend, looks absolutely delightful. I managed to find just enough blackberries for a crumble last week and it was delicious x

  5. What a lovely weekend. I love blackberry picking. Your flower arrangement is so pretty and cheery x

  6. Once you discover washi tape there is no going back, I'm afraid I'm completely addicted and I may just need a 12 step program, but I see no stopping in sight :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    PS... Love what you did with the washi tape!

  7. What a lovely post. I'm a big fan of washi tape too. :)

  8. What a great idea with the washi tape Marianne - must try that! All of your pics are lovely and speak for themselves of good happy times - bramble picking, oh yes, happy memories; lemon drizzle cake, scrumptious; and your lavender is a gorgeous deep shade isn't it, and I still didn't get around to picking mine! Today, yes, before this weather gets any worse!
    Enjoy your week and many thanks for your lovely messages on mine!
    Joy xo

  9. What a lovely weekend. Yes I too love washi tape. That lemon drizzle cake looks lovely - my favourite! Julie x

  10. looks like an absolutely perfect weekend!
    your cake looks delish, i could just fancy a slice right now ;o)
    enjoy your crumble
    love jooles xxx

  11. Hi Ladybird just loved your photographs they are quite beautiful. I also took up the lovely Hannapat's ideas with the lavender. Ladybird I also wondered what the washi tape was for and I am stunned at how lovely it makes simple little things - am certainly going to seek some out for my own projects, thank you for this. You learn so much in Blogland, love your blog Ladybird always something inspiring in it. Have a wonderful week ahead
    Lots of love

  12. Looks like an IDEAL weekend to me! :-)

    Love the washi ideas!


  13. There is something so lovely about going for long walks and being able to kick gorgeous flowers and berries too, I must say I miss it, so thank you for sharing it, it most certainly conjured up some lovely memories. I'm such a washing tape fan too, but must say that your tea light candles look great with some on. My most recent tape attack was cupboard door handles, not to sure it was the best idea going to date ;-). Your lavender looks so beautiful and such a deep purple, it is going to be beautiful dried, you are very sweet to mention my blog thanks sweet Marianne. Enjoy your lemon drizzle, that's if there's any left. It's definitely a firm fave in our house too. Wishing you a lovely week and thank you for your sweet comments, you're lovely! Xoxo

  14. Sounds like a perfect weekend, family time, fresh air and a yummy cake :) xx

  15. Your week end sounds blissful. Fresh air, family and mouthwatering baking what more could we wish for,

  16. You are so lucky finding some blackberries, It has been years since I picked one of those.

  17. Washi tape is sooo handy! I only have two reels so I'm going to get some more, I've seen so many cool things people have done with it - tea lite decorating is one of them, fab idea :D

    Rather jealous of your lemon drizzle too I must say

  18. A lovely calming post, I think I must sound a bit manic sometimes compared to this lovely feeling I have now. Jo x

  19. What a fun thing to do with washi tape, wrap it around some tealights :) And that cake looks delish!

  20. Looks like you had a perfect, slow paced and relaxing weekend.
    Clare x

  21. Sounds like a really nice weekend, sometimes slow is what you need. That wildflower posy is just beautiful. x

  22. I have just started playing with washi tape - I am addicted!! Your cake and flowers look lovely. I agree with the above poster that this is such a calming post - lovely :-) x x

  23. I haven't tried any washi tape, but I have seen it on several blogs, and now seeing your lovely creations, I am keen to try some. Love the bunch of lavender too!


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