Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Heart shaped




We don't really celebrate Valentine's day or do anything particularly special, but there have been a few heart themed activities going on that I thought I would share here. The top photo is of February's page in the kitchen calendar, then heart shaped toast which we made just for fun this morning - Miss M claimed it tasted so much better than ordinary toast and jam! Then, a Valentine's card which Miss M made.



I appliquéd a pretty fabric heart onto a plain cream top and I'm looking forward to wearing this when the weather finally gets a bit warmer! The little crochet heart brooch you can see pinned onto my cardigan, I made today. The pattern came from issue 1 of simply crochet magazine. It's not perfect, I'm still very much a beginner at crochet but I think it's quite sweet and will probably make a few more in different colours as I am still very keen on making brooches at the moment!

Miss M is away to her Valentine's disco at school this evening so I'm going to do a little of the sunflower cross stitch kit I'm working on for my gran's birthday. I also have a friend coming round later for a glass of wine and to collect this...

..a Wally hat! (I actually made her two as she needed one for herself and one for a friend, but I only have one globe to model for me - no humans in the house would agree to do it!) She is going on a Where's Wally themed hen party this weekend and needed a woolly hat to complete her outfit!

Thank you for the kind comments on my recent posts - I just love reading them - and hello and welcome to my new readers and followers. I am completely loving becoming a part of the blogging community :)




  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I like finding new blogs to read and yours is lovely. Your crochet heart looks great. You will soon be addicted to crochet and when you get the hang of it,it's easier and faster than knitting Sue (apologies if this posts twice but the computer froze as I published)

  2. The fabric you used looks just like some fabric I used on my daughter's quilt! We really do have the same taste! Your crochet heart looks lovely to me especially with the heart-shaped button too. x

  3. Thanks for saying hello on my blog! I'm relatively new to the blogging world too (1 year old but my only readers for quite a while were my mum and sisters so that doesn't really count ;-)) and love receiving comments as well as writing them!
    I want to learn crochet this year too! Good luck on your crochetting adventures!!

  4. Bet heart shaped toast tastes the best! Love all your heart shaped goodies! Have a great day x

  5. I love your heart shaped things! It's fun to indulge this silliness just once a year, I always think. The crochet heart is sweet, you'd never know you were a newbie. :-)

    Gillian x


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