Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A couple of weeks ago, in this post, I mentioned a few new sewing bits and pieces which I was using to make some cushions for a friend's sister.

Well here they are...




And little houses...

I appliqu├ęd the circles and houses onto cushion covers which I bought here. I loved making these especially the little housey ones and spent and spent an enjoyable couple of evenings stitching away whilst watching Once Upon A Time on DVD (G and I are just loving this).

Tonight I plan to work on my crochet granny blanket whilst enjoying numerous cups of tea and a Malteser bunny!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post and welcome to my new readers and followers - blogging is the best :)




  1. Lovely cushions, I do like the housey one best. I too love stitching of an evening whilst watching something good on the box, I do get frustrated when I miss some detail or other in the story and then send the family crazy asking, 'what happened, what did they do?'.
    The trouble is we then miss something else at the time they are filling me in on the action!

    Your friend's sister is a very lucky girl.

    Thank you for popping by my blog, it's so nice to receive a response.


  2. Well done on those cushions - especially the house ones! I was just chuckling at Beckah's comment above - my family get round the problem by insisting that we can only watch films in the evening with candlelight for that very reason! x Jane

  3. I love you little houses, so neat! Mine would look like there'd been an earthquake! :) x

  4. I love your cushions, particularly the housey ones. I had never thought about appliqueing bought cushions...sometimes I really worry about myself!! Why Have I never thought of it?

  5. I really like your cushions!! I enjoy reading all your posts, therefore I've nominatd you for a Liebster Blog Award. I hope you don't mind. More details you can find on my blog. Liefs Else X

  6. Lovely cushions, and I love your stack of granny squares - just perfect, good luck with your blanket and thank you for stopping by my blog x

  7. Gorgeous cushions and your hand sewing is SO neat. X

  8. Love the cushions, those little houses are so neat and cute!
    Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment - been poorly so only just getting around to blogging again!
    Gill xx

  9. I love both of the cushions - the circles remind me of buttons :-) I can't believe you like Once upon a time - it's one of my favourite shows too! x

  10. The cushions are gorgeous - especially the houses one!
    P x

  11. Lovely cushions - the little houses are adorable! I buy plain cushions from John Lewis and applique on patterns or designs. That way you have all the fun of hand sewing without the boring bits like putting in zips...

    Gillian x


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