Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Button love


I absolutely adore buttons! Above is my current collection which I keep in my Cath Kidston button tin received for my birthday last year from my mum and dad (truly one of best ever gifts!) As a child, I loved looking through my mums button tin, it was an old quality street tin and I enjoyed tipping the buttons out and sorting them into colours and shapes. Miss M loves playing with my button collection and she has her favourites that I am absolutely not allowed to use in any of my projects!

This is a little picture I made on Friday night for Miss M's bedroom. I enjoyed spending time choosing my prettiest pink buttons. To make it, I simply drew a heart shape, lightly in pencil, onto a piece of card stock and then stuck the buttons inside the heart using strong all purpose glue. I left it to dry for an hour and then popped the picture into a frame with the glass removed.

More button fun yesterday when I made this little stuffed felt heart. I love the spring colours of the buttons here and I think they look nice against the soft green of the felt. It is happily hanging on my bedside table.

The little button tea light holder above was also so simple to make. I used a small glass tea light holder (mine came from Ikea) and glued a selection of red buttons around it, again using strong all purpose glue. A simple but satisfying little project.

Finally, after all that crafting you can't beat a cup of tea and even better if it's in a button mug...! I have enjoyed my button projects so much, I'm now on the look out for more, does anyone have any ideas they would like to share? I would love to know!




  1. Well hello Miss Ladybird, sorry it's taken me such a long time to start to follow you, will pop back again soon! Love you little button picture, bet your daughter does too! :) x

  2. I love buttons and have very fond memories of my grandmother's and my mother's button tins. Funny thing is my daughter has the same favourite magic button that I did! Love your button picture - it's beautiful!

  3. I'm a button addict too and remember playing with 'the button tin' on rainy days. It had been my Nanna's before my mum had it so the tin was really old and so were some of the buttons.
    Love your blog btw - I found you through Vintage Vicki.

  4. I don't know about button love, I think I have serious button envy! You have some real beauties there. I still rummage through my Mum's button tin though sadly I think I've snaffled all the best ones over the years! I think the picture is my favourite though I love the others too. x

  5. Button love, mmm. My Grandma used to have a Quality Street tin full of them and I used to love burying my hand in them, running my fingers through them, that kind of thing. Is that weird? I think not, wonder where they all went though. She used to cut the buttons off all the clothes before sending them to jumble sales, bet that went down well on inspection!
    Your button creations are cool indeed :)


  6. Now where did I last see my button stash.....some great ideas!
    P x

  7. Oh I love all your buttons. I didn't realize until recently how wonderful they are. The pink heart picture is lovely and I think the tea light holder is really inspirational. Thanks for visiting my little blog.
    Ali x

  8. Fabulous buttons! I love your button mugs too :)
    Helen x

  9. This made me smile - my mum has the most impressive button collection, and the kids spent hours making crafty bits and bobs with them. I love your heart button picture, it's so effective.

    Gillian x

  10. Fab buttons. Where did you get the mugs from? :-)

  11. Hi can I ask, did you just use a normal picture frame for your button heart ? I made a letter B for my daughter and the buttons look squashed against the glass


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