Friday 15 February 2013

That Friday feeling...


It's Friday! And I have the day off so I spent the morning doing a little cooking and baking. Chicken noodle soup - we all love this soup and I make it quite often as it's so quick and easy. Recipe can be found here. I also made some little St Clements fairy cakes as I had a real need to bake something citrusy. The recipe is here, it's for a loaf cake but I got 18 little fairy cakes from the mix. And for the topping I just mixed icing sugar with lemon and orange juice. I have already performed the taste test (2 munched for test purposes...) and can confirm that they are very tasty!

Remember the Wally hats I made? Well my lovely friend gave me a lovely bottle of wine and a sweet little candle so prettily wrapped to say thank you. I plan to open the wine tonight when Miss M in bed...

Above is a cushion which I finished last night for Miss M's bedroom. I simply appliquéd her initial onto a pretty cushion cover which I bought here. A very quick and satisfying little crafty project and the cushion looks right at home on top of Miss M's bed.

Lastly, a few crafty supplies (not my usual colours) which I plan to use over the weekend as I have been asked to make some cushions for a friend's sister. I am so looking forward to starting these as I just love sewing, it's probably my favourite thing to do.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, whatever you happen to be doing and thanks for reading and visiting me here.




  1. cakes sound yummy - have fun with your sewing
    Sue x

  2. What a lovely cushion for Miss M! I think the browns look lovely and look forward to seeing the finished object x

  3. The appliqued cushion is a great idea, I'm sure even I could manage that with my basic sewing skills!
    Love the sound of the chocolate marshmallow fudge you mention in previous posts. Yum!

  4. Liking the look of those cakes. The supplies for the cushion look interesting, am intrigued to see how the finished article looks. Sue

  5. I just love making soups, I've got a recipe for a yummy pork noodle soup, nice and spicy!
    I try not to make cakes too often and I just end up scoffing the lot.
    Beautiful cushion, I too have a Miss M who would love that ;-)

  6. p.s... just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award... see my blog post for details :-)


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