Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday's show and tell

I was given a slow cooker for Christmas and have been using it quite a lot, especially for soups. I made some soup yesterday based on this recipe but with added garlic and dried thyme, and I had some for lunch today. It was good, especially with a drizzle of chilli oil on top. I'm planning to make something different in the slow cooker at the weekend, hopefully Sunday, and will share here. I also picked up my Kindle again today and started reading The Proof of Love by Catherine Hall which I'm enjoying so far. I seem to go through spells with reading - I tend to read lots of books in quite a short period of time and then not read at all for ages!


I finished my scarf! I loved knitting this and I love how it has turned out. This was very much inspired by little woollie's pippi scarf, which she blogged about a while back. Little woollie has a beautiful blog with lots of gorgeous knitting and crochet on it and I am very grateful to her for sharing her pippi scarf in particular.

I also completed a pair of little red hand warmers for Miss M to match her red beret. Here she is modelling them for me above, whilst still in her jim jams this morning! She is a very willing model I have to say although she's not great at staying still for any longer than a second or two! The pattern for these was in a magazine my mum gave me, and unfortunately there seemed to be quite a few mistakes in the pattern which was a bit of a pain, but I got there in the end. They fit and Miss M seems to like them so that's the main thing.


Today I was trying out a new recipe as G is off with his mountain biking buddies again on Sunday and he likes to take something with him to share with everyone. I made chocolate marshmallow fudge and strangely enough the recipe came from this little book (I didn't set up camp to make it, I just stayed in the comfort of my own kitchen and it seemed to work just as well!) I was going to take this 'trial' batch into work tomorrow but we actually ended up eating most of it (oops!) as it was so nice. So I'm planning to make a double batch of this at the weekend for the hungry mountain bikers. I'm thinking as well that this will be a good thing to make as a little gift, it looks nice in the kilner jar I think and maybe even nicer tied with a piece of pretty ribbon.

Welcome to my new readers and followers, it's lovely that you have stopped by my very new little blog:)




  1. My word you're productive! I'm just back to using my slow cooker and am giving gammon in cider a go at the weekend. Have just made a double batch of chilli which was lovely too. Scarf is really pretty. Chocolate marshmallow fudge? Sounds too good. x

  2. Hmmm. May have to look into these slow cookers - especially as I'm loving having soup for lunch pretty much every day! And the chocolate looks lovely too but will give that a miss for now - too tempting!
    P x

  3. I love the scarf!!!!, and I bet Miss M loks so cute in her matching beret and hand warmers

  4. Am also rather in love with that scarf :)

    I bought my slow cooker last autumn and its wonderful - oddly never made soup in it though - just stews and curries!

  5. I love the scarf, it's really nice. It looks snuggly too, which is a bonus in this weather. Love the mitts too - I bet Miss M is the envy of her friends in the playground.

    Gillian x

  6. Your scarf looks great! So glad you could use mine as inspiration, thanks for letting me know, I like seeing what other people make and how they put their own stamp on things. And the little red hand warmers are very cute too! have a lovely week, :) Julie x

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment :-)
    Great scarf, I'm just learning to knit, currently working on a dinosaur puppet!

  8. Nice to see our jug is having its moment of glory :-) Mine is currently naked so I might have to treat myself to something to put in it. I love the scarf: red, white and navy is such a great combination. I'm trying not to look at the fudge though, having polished off 2 large slices of cake today :-( Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comments about my quilt. x


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