Sunday, 24 February 2013


This weekend I have been enjoying making stacks of granny squares in pretty colours. Granny squares are very addictive to make! I plan to make a cushion cover with these ones. I have also started a simple granny blanket in the same colours and it's coming along nicely mainly because when I pick it up, I can't seem to put it down again, i just want to keep doing round after round! I have never made a blanket bigger than a baby blanket as I always imagined it to take too long (I tend to like fairly quick projects that I can complete in a week or less) so this is a first for me - I can't believe how much quicker than knitting crochet is!


A stack of pancakes made and enjoyed for Saturday's breakfast...

A stack of crafty themed library books which I am looking forward to having a good browse through over the next week or two.

Hello and welcome to my new readers and followers and thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, I do so appreciate them :)




  1. Lovely tea cosy! And the pancakes look very yummy :) Elisabeth x

  2. I have crochet envy, I kind of know how to crochet, my Grandma taught my when I was younger but I really struggle to hold the yarn. I'll conquer it yet!
    You have picked some lovely colours too. I agree with Elisabeth, lovely tea cosy :)
    Very good reading for the week.

    Smashing makes on your last post by the way, I really enjoy your posts, they are very uplifting and make me smile.


  3. I have just had ""stacks " of fun browsing through your beautiful blog. Your photos are really lovely. Glad you are enjoying Blogland... It shines through your posts.
    Kindest regards Linda

  4. I am loving the stacks and the colours are so springlike. The pancakes look very inviting. Take care. Chel

  5. Oh, you're teasing us with that peek of your gorgeous tea cosy! Your crochet squares look like the same pattern I'm working on (Nikki Trench?) though I bet you'll finish way before me - I still have about 300 to go! x

    1. Yes it is Nikki Trench! Love her books and patterns. Are you making the springtime throw? I am going to make a wee cushion with my squares to begin with but I would love to make the springtime throw eventually! So many squares though and so much yarn! By the way, the tea cosy is a laughing hens pattern which I think may be Nikki Trench also?
      M xxxx

    2. Hi, yes, it's the springtime throw though I'm not using pastel colours. I couldn't afford the designer yarns so just bought lots of shades of Robin and Hayfield DK - rich, jewel shades. I wish I'd chosen a bigger square pattern now though so the throw would grow quicker! x

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, commenting and in turn introducung me to your blog that I'm now following you. Pleased to see you are using your local library! Really wish I could crochet like you X

  7. Just discovered your blog. Your makes are lovely! there is something comforting about having a button tin
    Jille xx

  8. Oh, I love the pastel crochet squares! Gorgeous :-). I've been knitting garter stitch squares for a blanket, on and off, for a while, and one of the chief pleasures of it is taking the squares out and stacking them in different colour arrangements. I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to sew the dratted things together :D.

  9. I made a tea cosy like that for my sister! But I don't know how to crochet, more's the pity. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Pomona x

  10. I like your stacks very much! The granny squares in the first photo remind me of the springtime throw by Nikki Trench - I have that book and have long wanted to make the throw but was put off by the size and cost of yarn. Look forward to seeing how yours turn out.

    Gillian x


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