Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Playing catch up

Today has been a day for catching up and finishing things off. I spent a very dull morning catching up with some necessary household chores after having been at work the past few days. I felt I deserved a tea break mid morning and very much enjoyed a tunnocks tea cake with my cuppa. You can't stop at just one though can you? No, that's why I had two!

I cleaned and tidied all the kitchen shelves and found a nice home for my new narcissus plant bought in Ikea on Friday. I just love a wee trip to Ikea and also purchased some very pretty fabric which I plan to use for some appliqué cushions for Miss M's bedroom.

G finally got round to painting Miss M's bedroom last week and today I finally finished this little felt appliqué picture to hang on her wall. I started this ages ago and had forgotten all about it until this morning. Anyway, it's finished now and I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out.

Above is some knitted bunting that again I had started ages ago, again for Miss M's bedroom. I had made all the pennants and just had to sew them onto some pretty pink ribbon which I did today. (Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, the light has been terrible here today). It feels good to have 2 things finished in the one day which have been hanging around for ages!

Thank you for the sweet comments on my last post, they have made me so happy :)




  1. Oh that picture is just so sweet! You can't beat a bit of bunting either. I love tunnocks too - or should that be two.... x

  2. The felt picture is lovely - so simple but so effective, My favourite though is the Tunnocks! The ONLY teackake in my opinion!. x

  3. I do love a bit of bunting - have some by my sewing machine at the moment that I need to finish.

    Can't beat a tunnocks tea-cake - might have to buy some to share at work today now!

  4. How lovely to find your blog! I have also started the new year with a new blog and some new books so I couldn't believe it when I saw your post - I think our book collection is pretty much interchangeable (take a peek at my 'Books' post)! I look forward to following your blog journey - especially the crochet x


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